Are foxes dangerous

Are foxes dangerous?

Are foxes dangerous? You will ask yourself this question at the latest when you face a fox at close range. For whom a fox is dangerous, you will learn everything in our article. But we can reassure you already now, because if you follow some rules, the fox is definitely not dangerous for a human.

Are foxes dangerous for humans?

No, the fox is not dangerous for you and your family. Even from small children he makes a bow. You as a human being are only interesting if the fox sees you as a food source. Not that he wants to eat you, but that you have something that he could eat. So it can happen that a fox stands on your terrace or in your garden and watches you.

The fox as a cultural follower is not afraid of people, but only respect and usually keeps its distance. We recommend the same to you, have respect for the animal and keep your distance. The fox will not be dangerous for you, nevertheless the animals can transmit diseases. These include rabies and fox tapeworm. But even here you should not be afraid.

The reason for this is that in Germany rabies is almost completely eradicated. Only if an animal is extremely trusting and does not keep any distance, you should inform the nearest wildlife assistance. Then rabies might actually be present. The fox tapeworm should not be underestimated, but easily prevented by simple precautions. Here you are described: Fox tapeworm.

You should follow these measures to protect yourself and any pets from fox tapeworm. It is often assumed that picking mushrooms and berries and then eating them is a source of infection for fox tapeworm. However, the data on this is not clear. To be on the safe side, you can heat the mushrooms and process the berries into jam. This is because fox tapeworm eggs are killed at temperatures of 60 °C and above.

Are foxes dangerous for cats?

Most adult foxes are larger than the average European domestic cat, but they are not stupid. The foxes know very well that a cat can be very fast and also aggressive. Therefore, under regular circumstances, the fox will never risk a fight with a cat. He will give them a wide berth, knowing that this cannot end well for him.

After all, an injury to a wild animal can quickly ensure that this animal becomes ill and can no longer obtain its own food. This would mean that the fox would perish, and it does not take this risk. Occasionally one hears from wildlife stations that foxes have to be treated after being injured by cats.

In turn, cat owners report that cats chase foxes out of their territory without warning and even ambush them. Perhaps the question should be asked here, are cats dangerous to foxes? Of course, this is not relevant, because the foxes come to us and the cats rather not to the foxes. Care should be taken with sick, young or weak cats.

Because these could be injured or killed by a fox. But again, the fox will be the aggressor only in exceptional cases. Hunters have also reported that cats have sometimes been found in fox burrows. However, since the fox is a scavenger, these cats have almost always died a different death. The most common cause is us humans, with our cars.

The fox finds a dead cat and incorporates it into its food chain. This is one of the reasons why he is called the health police of the forest.

Are foxes dangerous for dogs?

No, here too we can reassure you. However, it can lead to a fight between Dog and fox come. Here, however, the danger is not the aggressiveness of the fox. For he will, if possible, quickly seek the distance, but the diseases that a fox can transmit. These include first and foremost rabies and fox tapeworm.

However, a free-roaming dog should always be vaccinated against rabies. Another danger is parasites that can be transmitted during a fight. These include fleas, mange and similar cute little animals. However, this is not a big deal if a regular check is made in your pet's field and you go to the vet at the first sign of parasites.

The fox tapeworm is treated with a normal worming treatment and should automatically be part of the dog's wellness program for a dog owner. Where it can become dangerous for our dogs is when the fox has pups. Because here the fox will behave more offensively than usual. Because here it is for him only to defend his offspring and he puts a much higher aggressiveness on the day.

Here, primarily smaller dogs should be careful, because they can be attacked by a fox and possibly die from the consequences of this fight. The same applies, of course, to young dogs that may even suspect a playmate in an encounter with a fox and the fox understands this inexperience as an attack.

As you can see, foxes are not dangerous, but they can become dangerous in certain situations. Therefore, when you meet a fox, watch it carefully and do not move towards it. Then your encounter should be harmless and you will probably worry less about the question "Are foxes dangerous?" but continue on your way and be happy about the encounter.


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