Attract squirrels

Attract squirrels

The best way to attract a squirrel is with food. The small rodents are real omnivores. So you don't necessarily have to use nuts to attract them. You can also use seeds, insects, larvae, snails or certain fruits.

Walnut tree to attract squirrels

You can attract squirrels with a walnut tree in your garden. It does not matter whether it is a hazelnut or walnut tree. Chestnuts and beechnuts are also good attractants for the squirrel.

Place feeder in the garden

With a special feeder you can effortlessly provide the squirrel with food. The squirrel can help itself here, while other animals can reach the food only with difficulty or not at all.  

Do not forget to drink

Squirrels are not only hungry, but also thirsty. Watering holes are therefore very popular. Often, a simple bird bath is enough, where other animals can also quench their thirst.

Climbing opportunities and hiding places

If possible, you should also provide the squirrel with climbing opportunities and places to hide.

Attract the squirrel with a sprite

Even better than the feed house works a squirrel hutch to attract the animals. If you have enough space in your hard, you can offer several hawks, because the squirrels change their living quarters again and again. Be sure to place the hutch so that cats can not reach it.

Care for peace and security

In any case, make sure that neither children nor dogs come near the squirrel. Also you should not harass the squirrel when it comes into your garden. After a certain time, some of the otherwise very shy animals become trusting. With a little luck they will eat out of your hand. But this takes time. You cannot force it.

Squirrels attract to the balcony

You can also attract the lively fellows to the balcony if you don't have a garden.

Basically, attracting squirrels on the balcony works much like in the garden. Get yourself some nuts. You don't have to buy only ripe hazelnuts here, but green ones are also very popular with squirrels. For the small rodents green hazelnuts are a real delicacy. Just put the nuts on the parapet of your balcony and soon the first squirrel will show up.

Always keep calm

If you stay calm, they may come within 1 meter of you or even eat from your hand. However, as soon as you speak or move, they are gone again.

Eliminate sources of danger

If the squirrel comes to you on the balcony via the rain gutter, then you must definitely put the rain barrel somewhere else. Rain barrels are a great danger for the small rodents. If you fall in, they can't get out on their own and drown miserably.

If you can't or don't want to put the rain barrel away, then it's enough to stretch a close-meshed net over it.

Thanks to the net, the squirrel can not fall into the water. Another positive side effect is that also no more run falls into your rain barrel.

How does the squirrel find the food?

Squirrels have a very keen sense of smell. So you don't have to worry about them not finding your nuts or the food provided. A squirrel can sniff out a nut buried up to 30 cm under the snow.

With their tactile hairs, the vibrissae, they can also orient themselves in the dark and locate feeding sites.


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