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Squirrel house

What to look for when buying a squirrel house?

For the perfect squirrel house you should consider no few important things. Only in this way can you ensure that the house is species-appropriate and also gladly visited by the rodents. With the squirrel house you provide primarily for food in the cold season.

Squirrel house must be waterproof

top priority for the squirrel house is a good waterproofing. Even the smallest leak will cause the food to get wet and easily begin to mold. A natural glaze of the house will form a water-repellent layer. Therefore, use only such glazes and avoid pure chemical products. Ideal are glazes from linseed oil, resin oil or from beeswax. In many cases, squirrels gnaw on the walls of the feeder and would absorb toxic chemicals if you use chemical glazes.

Hanging the feeder

When you hang the feeder, you must also follow a few rules. The rodents do not like it at all if they are permanently disturbed. Therefore, it is important that you hang the house appropriately high and give the animals the opportunity to escape.

If you want to hang the feeding house near your terrace, you should be aware that it takes a while until the first animals appear. However, if they have noticed that there is always food in the house and there is no danger from you as a human, they do not care where their feeding station hangs.

When is the best time to hang

You can hang the squirrel house around the year. The animals are constantly looking for food and get used to a new feeding place relatively quickly.

The proper care of the feeding station

If possible, you should clean the house thoroughly 1 - 2 times a year. This is facilitated if the roof can be folded up. from 1 - 2 times a year thoroughly

Depending on the material, you can clean the house with boiling water. If pests have taken up residence, you will have to dispose of the feeder and find a replacement.

With what to fill the squirrel house?

It is best to stick to squirrel feeding habits and fill the house with whole as well as unshelled nuts. You can also add small pine cones or rose hips. You do not have to use ready-made food from the store, but feed what you have at hand. and have

Weak animals preparing for hibernation also like to eat sugar-free rusks, dried banana pieces or tit dumplings.

You should avoid fruits and vegetables at all costs. The moisture of these foods easily leads to mold. The small animals are endangered by it, because the contained prussic acid is deadly for the rodents. Never gives the squirrels

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts

When feeding, make sure that you do not give only soft food in the house. The nail teeth are constantly growing back and need to be ground, so nuts with shells are ideal. For Squirrel babies you should provide shelled nuts or sunflower seeds.

Why is it important to feed squirrels?

There are many reasons that justify you feeding squirrels around the year.

  • Animals get used to the feeders.
  • In severe frost or snow, the animals can not get to their natural resources.
  • In residential areas squirrels hardly find food.
  • Squirrels carry their young already in January and are dependent on a high energy requirement.
  • First squirrels are born already in January. From March or April they search for food on their own. Due to the cold season, this is laborious, which leads to a high mortality rate among the animals.
  • Usually only one of four animals from a litter survives the first 2 years.


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