Are hamsters allowed to eat broccoli?

Are hamsters allowed to eat broccoli?

Broccoli is a real superfood and not only for us humans. The vegetable is also very healthy for hamsters, so the answer to the question whether your furry friend can eat broccoli is quite clear: Yes.

However, you should pay attention to the amount you feed, because a large amount of broccoli can also have negative effects on your hamster. What these are and what you should pay attention to when feeding broccoli, we tell you in detail in the following text and hope you enjoy reading.

What must be considered when feeding?

As a supplement to your hamster's diet, broccoli is good because, in moderation, it is very healthy. However, you should make sure to wash the broccoli thoroughly before feeding it.

In order not to endanger the health of your hamster, you should also pay close attention to remove the spoiled florets of broccoli.

Also, make sure your hamster doesn't stash the broccoli, as it can quickly go bad and mold. Therefore, always keep an eye on the hiding places of the small rodent and dispose of fruit and vegetables before they become moldy.

If your hamster has never eaten broccoli before, you should first slowly get him used to the vegetable with a small amount to prevent diarrhea. If he tolerates it well, then over time you can feed the recommended amounts that we have listed further down in the text.

Caution. Not all parts of the broccoli may be fed to your hamster. The florets are very healthy and tasty. Which parts are still edible, you will learn further down in the text.

The right amount for your hamster

The right amount for your hamster depends mainly on the size. Golden hamsters, for example, are among the largest of their kind and are therefore allowed to eat more. As a rule of thumb, one teaspoon of chopped broccoli two to three days a week is a healthy amount for large hamsters.

A smaller hamster, such as the dwarf hamster, should only be fed about half the portion.

The advantages of feeding broccoli to your hamster

Broccoli is not only healthy for us humans, your hamster will also benefit from the healthy benefits of the vegetable.

It contains e.g. vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K. These vitamins strengthen the immune system of your pet, protect against diseases, are good for growth, vision and metabolism and support the immune system and bone structure of furry rodents.

It is also rich in calcium and iron, which is important for bones and muscles. Another plus is that broccoli contains a lot of water, which keeps your hamster hydrated for a long time.

The disadvantages of feeding broccoli to your hamster

Lots of vegetables are healthy, right? No, this is not true for our little rodents. Even though broccoli has so many important and positive properties, it should only be fed in moderation. Overfeeding, for example, can lead to diarrhea and accompanying dehydration, which can be very dangerous for your hamster!

In addition, the high calcium content, which is healthy in moderate amounts, can cause bladder and digestive problems if too much broccoli is consumed. This happens when oxalate acids combine with calcium and phosphorus. Calcium crystals form, which can later develop into bladder stones.

We therefore strongly recommend that you always feed your hamster only the recommended amount of broccoli in order not to endanger its health and to give it a long and healthy life.

Can I feed my hamster cooked broccoli?

No, you should not cook the broccoli and always feed it fresh so that it does not lose its nutrients. We humans only cook our broccoli because otherwise it would be too hard for us. However, in principle, it can also be eaten raw and we advise you to do the same with your hamster. He can cut the broccoli very well with his sharp incisors. This also helps him to grind his constantly growing teeth.

Are hamsters allowed to eat broccoli stems?

Yes, you can feed your hamster the stems of broccoli without hesitation. Note, however, that you should feed smaller quantities of the stalks and cut them into small pieces beforehand, so that your pet has an easier time chewing them.

Are hamsters allowed to eat broccoli leaves?

Yes, moderate consumption of broccoli leaves is also safe for hamsters. However, pay close attention to the amount here as well, because there is a large amount of water in the leaves, which can lead to diarrhea.

Are hamsters allowed to eat broccoli? - Conclusion

Last but not least, we can say that feeding the recommended amount of broccoli has a positive effect on the health of your hamster. The vitamins and minerals contained in broccoli strengthen, among other things, the immune system and protect the rodent from diseases. In too large quantities, however, the vegetable can also have the opposite effect and make your hamster very sick.


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