Are hamsters allowed to eat pears?

Are hamsters allowed to eat pears?

A healthy and balanced diet for hamsters includes, in addition to a low-sugar ready-made mix, eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The answer to the question whether your hamster can also eat pears is quite clear: Yes.

However, you should pay attention to the amount that you feed. Why this is so and what you should pay attention to when feeding pears, we tell you in detail in the following text and hope you enjoy reading.

What must be considered when feeding?

Before feeding your hamster pears, you should wash them well with lukewarm water to remove pesticides and chemical residues. Peeling the pear is not necessary, because the skin is rich in nutrients.

It is important that you remove the pits from the pear before feeding it, as they are toxic to hamsters.

Another point that you should definitely consider is that hamsters like to store their food (the so-called "hoarding"). Therefore, it can quickly happen that your darling carries a piece of the pear into his hiding place and this begins to rot there. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the hiding places of your hamster and dispose of fruit that has been there for a long time.

You should also pay attention to the right amount for your hamster. This depends on the size and breed of the hamster. Further down in the text we will go into more detail.

Attention! If your hamster already suffers from diabetes, we advise against feeding him pears, because they have a high sugar content and it can lead to further health problems.

The right amount for your hamster

The right amount for your hamster depends primarily on the size. Golden hamsters are among the largest of their kind and are therefore allowed to eat more. That means you can feed your darling a teaspoon of pear a week.

A dwarf hamster should be fed only half of what a golden hamster may eat. That is, no more than one teaspoon every 14 days.

The advantages of feeding pears to your hamster

Pears are a healthy snack for your hamster because they contain a large amount of fiber. These relieve constipation, for example, and promote healthy bowel movements.

In addition, pears contain a lot of vitamin C, which has a positive effect on the rodent's eyesight, and promotes a healthy coat.

Also, the fruit contains phytonutrients and antioxidants. The latter support your pet's immune system and help improve and maintain health.

The disadvantages of feeding pears to your hamster

Even though pears are a healthy snack for your hamster, overfeeding them, due to the high sugar content, can quickly lead to diabetes, obesity and associated bone and joint problems.

Can I feed my hamster dried pears?

If no additional sugar has been added to them, hamsters may also eat dried pears. Here, however, you should be careful not to feed your furry friend more than a small piece every one to two weeks. The amount here should be max. 30 % of a fresh fruit, since the sugar remains completely contained in the dried fruit.

Can I give my hamster pear juice?

No, please do not give your hamster pear juice to drink. This often contains a lot of sugar and not nearly the same nutrients as fresh or dried pears. Your hamster should only drink water.

Can I use pears as an attractant?

Especially fruit, and so pears, are excellent for getting your pet used to you and making it more trusting. Since hamsters are quite greedy, no animal, no matter how shy, will be able to resist the smell of the sweet fruit.

Nevertheless, it requires a lot of rest, because hamsters are flight animals, and therefore extremely jumpy. So try to move as little as possible when trying to lure your hamster.

Place a piece of the bulb on your fingertip and hold your hand out flat to the animal. Practice patience, because it may well take a little time until your hamster approaches you. One day, however, the curiosity, or the appetite, will be too great and your darling will, literally, eat out of your hand.

If this method has worked well a few times, you can also place the walnut in the palm of your hand the next time, so that the hamster has to climb onto your hand to get to the treat.

Are hamsters allowed to eat pears? - Conclusion

In summary, we can say that feeding pears is a healthy and welcome change for your pet. In moderation, they help to support the immune system and digestion of the hamster and, due to the high vitamin C content, give a shiny and healthy coat. Overfeeding, on the other hand, can lead to diabetes and obesity and should therefore be avoided at all costs.


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