Can you bathe a hedgehog?

Can you bathe a hedgehog?

You have found a hedgehog and now you want to know, can you bathe a hedgehog. You should do this only in exceptional cases. Why you will learn in the following article.

Hedgehog found - can you bathe him?

If possible, you should refrain from bathing the hedgehog. Bathing means stress for the little mammal. He is quickly overwhelmed by bathing, which puts a lot of strain on him. In the worst case, bathing can lead to the fact that the Hedgehog dies. If the hedgehog seems weak, apathetic or is even hypothermic, you should place it on a hot water bottle wrapped with a towel.

Put a clean cloth over the hedgehog. After that, visit a vet or a hedgehog rescue center as soon as possible.

What to do if you find a hedgehog?

If you have found a hedgehog, you must contact a vet or a hedgehog rescue center immediately. If you take him to a vet, then make sure that he is also familiar with hedgehogs.

If the hedgehog is hypothermic and seems orphaned, you should warm him up. To do this, place the hedgehog on a lukewarm hot water bottle and wrap a towel around it. Cover the hedgehog with another towel. Not all vets are familiar with hedgehogs, so it is better to go to a hedgehog rescue center.

The hedgehog stinks - a bath would be necessary

First of all, it must be said that hedgehogs do not stink. This is a persistent rumor that is hard to dispel. You could keep a healthy hedgehog in the apartment without any problems. So bathing the hedgehog is not necessary.

How to care for the hedgehog?

If you have taken in an orphaned or sick hedgehog, then the daily care is limited to a minimum. You must clean his accommodation every day. The same applies to water and food bowls. You must also check the hedgehog visually and weigh him regularly.  


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