Scare away squirrels

Scare away squirrels

Scare away squirrels

As cute as the little fellows may be, there are certainly reasons why you want to drive away the squirrel. It's hard to imagine, but the squirrel is one of the most unwelcome guests in the garden.

Squirrel damage

Among the reasons why you want to drive away the squirrel, first and foremost is the damage that rodents cause. It is not always badgers, foxes or wild boars that cause damage in your garden. The small and cute squirrel can join the ranks of destroyers here.

Drive away squirrels, why?

On the one hand, squirrels eat the buds or the bark of plants and shrubs in the garden. And on the other hand, they also like to dig up freshly planted flower bulbs. If the squirrel also enters your home, holes in the walls, nibbled cables and pipes are not the only reminder of the rodent's visit. In the worst case, chewed cables and wires can cause a fire that you discover too late.

Squirrels are under protection

Even if you want to drive away the squirrels, you must be clear that you must not catch, injure or even kill them in any case. It does not matter how annoyed you are by the squirrels - they are under special protection.

Can squirrels become a nuisance?

As a rule, squirrels are very shy and stay away from people. However, there are always animals that have become accustomed to humans. If you do not like squirrels, then they quickly become a nuisance for you.

Drive away squirrels - home remedies

You can use various home remedies to drive squirrels away without harming them.

  • Water jet - You can control the garden hose by means of a motion sensor. In the event of unusual movements, it will emit a strong jet of water and chase away the squirrel.
  • Odors - Both the smell of human hair and the hair of pets keep the squirrel away. You can simply put the hair on the ground or in your garden. According to experts, with pet hair, it doesn't matter if it's from a dog or cat. The smell will drive the squirrels away.
  • Coffee grounds - You can also drive the squirrel away with a little coffee grounds that you scatter in the garden or right by the fence. Both the smell and the bitter taste of the coffee grounds will keep squirrels away.
  • Pepper - A few teaspoons of pepper mixed with a liter of water, ensures that squirrels disappear. Spread the mixture in the favorite places of the rodent.
  • Ammonia - Soaked cloths with ammonia also help drive away squirrels. The strong smell scares off the rodents.
  • Mustard - You can also drive away squirrels with a mixture of mustard flour and hot water.
  • Special repellents - In stores you can get repellents against squirrels. These often contain the urine of predators. The small rodents do not like this smell at all.
  • Hot sauces - You can rub wooden furniture with it. The squirrels will no longer gnaw on it.
  • Mulch - Squirrels don't like mulch on their feet. You can use it to put barriers around certain plants.
  • Floodlight - By means of a motion sensor you let the floodlights shine. The squirrels are frightened by the light and look for the way.
  • Ultrasonic device - A sound that is not perceptible to the human ear irritates the squirrel's hearing, causing it to run away.
  • Safflower seed - This seed the little rodents do not like at all.
  • Vinegar - White vinegar mixed with jalapeno pepper. This mixture you spray around the house or garden and squirrels will no longer bother you.

Drive away squirrels with plants?

To drive away the squirrel, you can also plant various flowers along your garden. In addition to nasturtium, these include marigold or mustard plant. With these plants you create a natural barrier so that the squirrels avoid your garden. By the way, the same applies to mint.

Rat poison - great danger for the squirrel

If you want to drive away squirrels, then in any case you must not put rat poison in your garden.

Approximately 48 hours after the squirrel ingests the rat poison, internal bleeding of the animal occurs. This happens due to the progressive destruction of blood vessels. You should not even consider this agonizing death. Apart from the fact that squirrels are under special protection. 

If such a weakened squirrel is preyed upon by one of the known predators, they suffer a corresponding secondary poisoning.

By the way, spreading rat poison is punishable by law, because you take into account that also pets or children consume the poison.


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