Enemies of the hedgehog

What are the hedgehog's enemies?

Regardless of whether a hedgehog is young or old, the question often arises as to which animals are the hedgehog's enemies. The hedgehog has a number of natural enemies, but is also endangered by humans in many cases.

These are the hedgehog's enemies

The natural enemies of the include polecats, Martenbadger, lynx, fox, dog and hawk. It is usually the young animals or sick hedgehogs that fall victim to natural enemies. A major danger for hedgehogs of all ages is the ever-increasing amount of road traffic. Many of the animals are killed when crossing roads.

Which enemies of the hedgehog can kill it?

Among the most dangerous animals for hedgehogs are the badger and the eagle owl. These animals can even grab a completely curled-up hedgehog with their long claws. Martens, foxes and polecats, on the other hand, rely on the hedgehog rolling itself up a little to open the insurmountable ball. The badger only needs a small open spot on the hedgehog's belly to kill it.

What is the greatest danger to the hedgehog?

First and foremost, this is the ever-increasing volume of road traffic. Although smaller obstacles such as fences or walls also pose a danger, road traffic is much more dangerous. Very often, roads are an insurmountable barrier for hedgehogs. Many animals try to cross the road anyway. Their lives then usually end under the wheels of a car.

Are hedgehogs eaten by birds?   

The most dangerous animals are all large owl species and other predators. These can kill hedgehogs with their long claws.

How dangerous is a dog for a hedgehog?

Surely the dog will first and foremost be interested in the Spines of the hedgehog injure. This means that pathogens and parasites can enter the dog's organism. Nevertheless, dogs also pose a danger to hedgehogs. The larger the dog, the greater the risk of the hedgehog being bitten by the dog. If the dog's passion for hunting is aroused, it often ignores its own pain and can kill a hedgehog by biting its soft parts or neck.

Indirect danger to the hedgehog - rats

Rats only pose an indirect threat to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are primarily endangered by live rat traps. If such traps are hidden in the garden and are not checked daily, a trapped hedgehog can die in them.

Humans as enemies of the hedgehog

Even if hardly anyone deliberately endangers a hedgehog, humans still pose a great danger to the mammal. Ant poison is often used, Slug pellets or rat poison in the garden, which the hedgehog then eats or ingests via a host. You should therefore refrain from using any form of poison in your garden, as this always puts the hedgehog in great danger.


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