Are hamsters allowed to eat daisies?

Are hamsters allowed to eat daisies?

If one has a hamster, one would like to be able to offer him of course, in the best case, also the optimal nutrition. Therefore, many owners often the question arises: What can my hamster actually eat? Does a hamster eat daisies?

Hamsters are quite particular about their diet, which is why you should always get information first before feeding your rodent food indiscriminately. In addition, hamsters tend to get very sick quickly if you give them something wrong to eat.

Regarding daisies, we have the answer for you: Your hamster may eat daisies. In the following text we go into this statement in more detail and hope you enjoy reading.

What must be considered when feeding?

It is best to feed your hamster daisies from your own garden. Here you can be sure that there are no chemicals or pesticides on the flowers. If you don't have your own garden, you can ask friends or family, or you can pick the daisies from a natural meadow.

You should not feed daisies that you find at the roadside, because there is a high probability that they are covered with dog urine. But also the deposits of car exhaust fumes on the plants will not do your pet any good.

Can I feed the entire daisy to my hamster?

Daisies are a tasty treat for your hamster and a welcome addition to the commercial dry mix. The rodent may consume the flower and also the stem completely.

Hamster daisies, how many can he eat?

We have not found anything in our research about the exact amount that should be considered when feeding daisies. In general, however, too large a quantity, especially in the beginning, can quickly lead to diarrhea, which is why we advise feeding greens only in small portions.

The reason for this is the high water content of daisies, which can cause diarrhea in your pet. Normally hamsters feed primarily on dry foods with a low water content. Therefore, keep the amount low at the beginning and observe how your animal reacts to it.

What else should I pay attention to when feeding my hamster?

You should always pay attention to the balance in the diet of your hamster. The main component of his diet is seeds, grains, cereals and animal proteins such as dried larvae of insects and dried worms. In their natural habitat, hamsters are small hunters that feed mainly on insects. They are therefore not pure vegetarians, which is why fresh and green food should always be served only as a side dish.


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