What do hedgehog sounds sound like?

What do hedgehog sounds sound like?

You have heard strange noises in your garden and wonder - what do hedgehog noises sound like? In most cases, the typical hedgehog sounds are growling and gurgling from a certain corner of the garden.

Even at night you can hear the hedgehog

If you are in your garden late in the evening or at night, it can also happen that you perceive strange noises. This can be a cough or even a strange barking, which you can not identify at first. Your first question will be, what animal makes such sounds and what does a hedgehog sound like?

The hedgehog and its soundscape

The hedgehog is not at all a quiet fellow. He can smack, snore, snort and rumble that you get a fright in the first moment. If you already know that a hedgehog family has its nest in your garden, you will be able to identify the sounds more easily. Below is an overview of the most distinctive sounds of the hedgehog:

  • Sniffing and grunting - The hedgehog is looking for food.
  • Cracking and smacking - The hedgehog has found something to eat and is now enjoying it.
  • Puffing like a locomotive - The hedgehogs mate.
  • It chirps, like a baby bird - The hedgehog babies in the nest are hungry.
  • Coughing and barking - Either the hedgehog is upset or sick.
  • It cries, like a baby - The hedgehog is in distress or it is in pain.
  • Sneezing - The hedgehog got dust in his nose.
  • Quacks like a duck - The hedgehog is in distress or has a problem.
  • Hissing, nagging, and growling - warning sounds that say stay away from me.
  • Click - The male hedgehog challenges other males, especially during the mating season.
  • Soft snoring - The hedgehog is asleep.
  • Chuckling Muckle - The hedgehog is excited.

 Why are hedgehog sounds so funny?

The basic sounds of the hedgehog include snuffling and grunting. All other sounds are of concern in most cases. A hedgehog is very loud when it is foraging for food. Although these sounds can be very loud, you can be sure that the hedgehog is fine. You should leave him alone.

Hedgehog sounds - when hisses the hedgehog?

If you hear a hedgehog hissing, it is in most cases on suitor's feet. The males of the brown-breasted hedgehog want to win over the female. They run around the female for hours and hiss. Experts also speak here of the hedgehog carousel.

When does the hedgehog whistle?

If the hedgehog is intimidated, you will usually hear a high-pitched squeal. However, if the hedgehog sees his life in danger, the volume will increase to a piercing and shrill scream.


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