Do hedgehogs eat mice?

Do hedgehogs eat mice?

Surely you have often asked yourself the question, hedgehogs eat mice. This is probably because mice are very nimble and you can not imagine how a hedgehog catches one from. In any case, mice are part of the hedgehog's diet.

Mice as food for hedgehogs

The Loner hedgehog is primarily active at night and searches for food. His diet is very diverse and anything but boring. Besides earthworms, snails and insects, the hedgehog also eats mice and frogs.

How can the hedgehog eat mice?

The hedgehog can not really hunt mice, especially if it is a healthy animal. This is because the Hedgehog not so fast can run like a mouse flees. Lyre still persists in society the misconception that the hedgehog is a good catcher of mice. In many cases hedgehogs are locked in a storage cellar to catch mice. Since he does not manage this, he will sooner or later starve to death in the storage cellar.

He then pounces on a mouse when it is weakened or sick. It can then no longer flee from the hedgehog and thus becomes the prey of the nocturnal hunter. Young mice are also eaten by the hedgehog.

In particular, the brown-breasted hedgehog is very fond of eating mice. This includes both the shrews and voles. In most cases, however, these are young animals which are still blind. They do not see the danger coming and are then eaten by the hedgehog on his nightly forays.

Thus it becomes clear that the hedgehog cannot eat adult and healthy mice. These are simply much too fast for the little hedgehog. A dead mouse, on the other hand, will not be spurned by the hedgehog in any case. It is then one of the special treats and serves as a change on the menu.

The hedgehog will not rid your garden or an adjacent shed of mice.


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