How can I attract a hedgehog?

How can I attract a hedgehog?

You have often wondered how to attract a hedgehog. Basically, this is easier than you think. With the following tips and hints you will succeed effortlessly.

How to attract a hedgehog to your garden

To make a Hedgehogs in your garden To attract hedgehogs, all you have to do is create a hedgehog lick. But what does a hedgehog corner look like? Even if you usually swear by order in your garden and everything has its fixed place, the hedgehog corner can be a little messy. This means that in autumn you can leave dead wood, brushwood and leaves in a corner of your garden. The hedgehog likes this mess, because here he finds not only shelter, but also food. So you have not only lured a hedgehog into your garden, but at the same time offer your children many exciting experiences around the spiny animal.

When is the best time to observe the hedgehog?

Since the hedgehog is primarily active at dusk, the evening hours are ideal for observation. Thanks to his keen sense of smell, the hedgehog can find both food and his fellow hedgehogs despite the darkness. Fast as lightning he scurries on his short legs through your garden and only with a little luck you can observe him on his forays. Not only you, but also your children can take notes and compare them with those from the next year. Soon you will recognize a pattern and it will become easier and easier for you to observe the hedgehog.  

Attract hedgehog

With these tricks you can attract the hedgehog

  • Just leave leaves and brushwood piles.
  • Offer the Hedgehogs a winter home an. Here is very suitable hedgehog house.
  • Plant in your garden primarily native plants and woody plants.
  • Existing fences in your garden should have an opening of at least 10 x 10 cm. So the hedgehog can slip through comfortably.
  • Never burn a brushwood pile without having moved it first.
  • Make your garden as toxin-free as possible.
  • Cover holes, pits and shafts with it, so that the hedgehog can not fall in.
  • Provide drinking water for the hedgehog in a shallow dish. The bowl must be cleaned daily. Do not give him milk in any case. Special water dispensers for hedgehogs have proven to be very practical.
  • A garden pond should have as shallow a spot as possible or you can build the hedgehog a climbing out aid.
  • If possible, do without a robotic mower or let it do its work only during the day.


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