How much does a hedgehog eat?

How much eats a hedgehog

How much does a hedgehog eat?

There are hedgehogs in your garden and you ask yourself how much a hedgehog eats. This question is not unimportant. If you put too much food, you will attract other animals that you may not want to have in your garden.

Where do you find out how much a hedgehog eats?

The best person to ask about how much a hedgehog eats is still the hedgehog center. Of course, the amount of food depends on the size of the hedgehog. It is also important for the hedgehog center to know whether the hedgehog is in distress or whether there are several hedgehogs on the loose. If it is a young hedgehog weighing about 500 g, then it needs about 150 g of wet cat food per day. Weighs the hedgehog in your garden between 800 and 1000 g, which indicates emaciation, he needs 170 to 200 g a day. After 2 or 3 days you should check the weight of the hedgehog. This works with a normal household or kitchen scale. The hedgehog should have gained between 10 and 20 g per day. If this is not the case, you can increase the daily food amount a little.

Can a hedgehog also overeat?

This question can be answered with a NO. Even with an oversupply of food, no hedgehog will overeat. He always takes only as much food as he actually needs. So you would only attract other animals with an oversupply of food. However, if the hedgehog is kept in captivity, he has a similar disposition to humans. He eats out of boredom.

How much can a hedgehog eat per night?

If it is a healthy hedgehog preparing for hibernation, it can eat about 80 % of its current body weight per night. This means that if the hedgehog weighs about 380 g, he will be able to eat a bowl of food with 304 g per night without any problems.

Should you feed a hedgehog at all?

Normally, you do not need to feed hedgehogs. They will find everything they need. This may be different for a mother hedgehog with young. If they are on the move from September onwards, you can support them with supplementary feeding. The mother hedgehog needs a lot of food for herself and her young. However, depending on the weather, you should not feed longer than mid-October. The Hedgehog would otherwise the starting point for hibernation miss

What are you allowed to give the hedgehog when feeding it?

The food should be varied in any case. You can't go wrong with wet cat food. Hedgehogs eat also like hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs without salt and other spices. Please never give the hedgehogs raw eggs. Also popular with hedgehogs is cooked and unseasoned meat.


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