How much does a hedgehog weigh?

How much does a hedgehog weigh

How much does a hedgehog weigh?

It is not uncommon for you to encounter a hedgehog in nature. You think about helping it and wonder how much a hedgehog weighs to be considered healthy. Especially in late spring or early summer the mammals are usually healthy and strong. From the end of August or September you will often come across small hedgehogs that look weak and may need assistance. Whether this is necessary, you can find out here.

What does the healthy hedgehog weigh?

An adult and healthy hedgehog with sufficient fat reserves usually weighs between 900 and 1500g. If the hedgehog is not yet in hibernation, he has probably been found in his hiding place. He is now starting to look for a new place. Here he can sleep away the day.

The weight of the hedgehog, what does it say?

At first sight you cannot tell how much the hedgehog weighs and whether it is healthy. With the following table you will get valuable information about the weight of the hedgehog.

Weightapproximate ageInformation
10 - 25 g0 daysBirth weight, white spines, pink skin
30 - 50 gapprox. 1 weeksingle dark spines
60 - 80 gapprox. 2 weeksEyes and ears open; first fur fluff
100 - 130 gapprox. 3 weeksTeeth poke through
140 - 180 gapprox. 4 weeksfirst free walks and first solid food
250 - 350 gapprox. 6 weeksindependent loners
600 - 700 gyoung hedgehogsHibernation weight for young hedgehogs
800 - 1500 gAdultNormal weight for adult hedgehogs
900 - 1500 gAdultHibernation weight for adult hedgehogs
up to 90 g the hedgehog should gain 4 - 6 g per day
from 90 g the hedgehog should gain 9 - 11 g per day
from 250 g put in the outdoor enclosure in good weather
400 g Put fosterlings in outdoor enclosure in cold weather without frost
500 g Target weight in November; lighter hedgehogs need on care
750 gmax. 1 yearTarget maximum weight for young hedgehogs in care
How much does a hedgehog weigh?

How heavy should the hedgehog be in October?

You can be reasonably sure that a young hedgehog will survive hibernation if it is

  • Mid-October at least 400 g
  • in the last third of October at least 500 g
  • November at least 600 g


How much should the hedgehog gain weight?

You need to check the weight of the hedgehog daily. For young or emaciated hedgehogs, the weight gain should be between 10 and 15 grams daily. An adult and well-fed hedgehog should not gain any more weight.


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