Do martens eat hedgehogs?

Do martens eat hedgehogs?

You keep your garden very close to nature. Besides hedgehogs, martens also feel very comfortable here. You often ask yourself - do martens eat hedgehogs? This question is not unjustified, because the marten is a predator.

Eating marten hedgehog - its natural enemies

In the wild, the hedgehog has a number of natural enemies. In addition to the various species of owls, this also includes other predators. These can certainly injure and even kill a hedgehog with their long claws.

In case of danger, the hedgehog curls up and erects its spines. For the marten, fox or polecat, this means that they cannot harm the hedgehog. It looks somewhat different with the badger. He knows the weak point of the curled up hedgehog the small gap at the belly. There the marten sticks his snout in and starts to eat the hedgehog. The marten, on the other hand, only attacks a sick hedgehog, which is no longer able to protect itself sufficiently.

In many cases, foxes and wild boars also attack and eat hedgehogs. If these animals find ways to get into your garden, there is a great risk that hedgehogs will be killed. If possible, try to make your garden safe against foxes and wild boars, which search for food more in private gardens.

What other enemies does the hedgehog have?

Besides the marten, the hedgehog has a number of enemies. These are not infrequently dogs and also humans. In addition, a great many hedgehogs die in road traffic. And again and again hedgehogs fall victim to robotic mowers in private gardens. Especially the young animals are in particular danger here. If you want to protect the hedgehog, then you must not ask yourself the question - do martens eat hedgehogs? Rather, you should ask yourself the question, do I absolutely need a robotic mower for my garden.


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