Pregnant hedgehog, how to recognize them?

Pregnant hedgehog

Pregnant hedgehog, how to recognize them?

Hedgehogs mate between May and August. Whether you see a pregnant hedgehog in your garden shortly thereafter cannot be said at first glance.

Unshaped hedgehog equals pregnant hedgehog?

Unfortunately, this is not so simple. Hedgehog experts agree that there are no clear signs of a pregnant hedgehog. Even thickened teats are not a real sign of pregnancy in the female hedgehog. The belly of the female hedgehog does not get thicker during pregnancy either. You must therefore be patient and wait to see if there are any small hedgehogs in your garden.

How long is a hedgehog pregnant?

The gestation period for hedgehogs is 35 days. After that, usually four to five baby hedgehogs are born. The babies are still blind and deaf at birth. They usually have a weight of 35 grams. After birth, the mother hedgehog nurses the babies for about 6 weeks. The mother hedgehog alone is responsible for rearing the babies. The hedgehog father completely withdraws from the action.

Mother hedgehog abandons the young - what to do?

If your suspicion is confirmed that the hedgehog in your garden was pregnant, but the young are now on their own, you must act. It is very important that you keep the babies warm. If possible you should call a hedgehog rescue center immediately and ask what you can do. They will give you information about care. Above all, the little mammals can only tolerate special food for baby hedgehogs.

Leave pregnant hedgehog alone

If the hedgehog is out in your garden during the summer months, be sure to leave her alone. It could be that she is pregnant or has just given birth to young. In either case she is looking for food or is in the process of building a nest for the young. If you were to take the hedgehog in, it would mean certain death for the young or the unborn hedgehogs.


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