Squirrel breeder

Squirrel breeder

Squirrel breeder

Surely the squirrel belongs to the wild animals, but there are some squirrel breeders in Germany. We would like to introduce you to a few and tell you something about the breeding of rodents.

Known squirrel breeder from Hesse

Probably the best-known squirrel breeder can be found in Hähnlein in southern Hesse. The breeder owns about 60 of the rodents. Among them are also exotics from China, the Himalayas and Costa Rica. However, no European squirrels are bred there, because they are strictly protected. The legal regulations for European squirrels are much stricter than if you keep an exotic animal.

The 60 squirrels in the breeding come from 12 squirrel species. Besides the Costa Rica squirrel you will also find the Chinese tree striped squirrel.

According to the breeder, his breeding is the largest and the most exotic in Hesse. Other squirrel breeders almost always have fewer species.

Squirrels are not touch pets

Squirrel breeders always emphasize that these rodents are not touch-and-go pets. The shy animals retain their flight instinct even in captivity. When you reach out with your hand to a captive squirrel, you remind it of the prey grip of birds of prey in nature. You can destroy the trust between man and animal within a very short time. and after a

Buy rodent from squirrel breeder

If you are now wondering whether you can buy such a rodent from a squirrel breeder, you need to consider a few things.

You must report the keeping of the squirrel to the authorities and also provide proof of origin. As a pure pet you can not keep the squirrel. You must provide the animal with a suitable outdoor enclosure with sufficient space. The enclosure must be built according to the model of nature. Furthermore, you must be aware that the animal, if it comes from the squirrel breeder, is not a cuddly animal.

How big does the enclosure need to be?

If you got the rodent from the squirrel breeder, then the outdoor enclosure should already be ready. Legally required per animal is a minimum area of 3 square meters. The height must be at least 2 meters. Since squirrels are very agile and nimble creatures, the size should be at least 5 square meters. For two squirrels this is 10 square meters.

Why are squirrels not suitable as pets?

According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act, it is forbidden to keep wild animals born in the wild as pets. It does not matter here that the nimble rodents are becoming more and more trusting in the garden.

You will never be able to buy such an animal from a reputable squirrel breeder.

List of squirrels breeders

If you really play with the idea to get a squirrel and you have considered all consequences, you can on this list search for a squirrel breeder.

If you have chosen a squirrel breeder, you should meet him personally. You can get a picture of the breeding and the breeder so that you do not regret your decision later.

Beware of black sheep

Not every squirrel breeder has the welfare of the little rodents at heart. Some think only of the profit they can make from breeding without thinking about the consequences.

If you visit a squirrel breeder and something seems strange to you, you should report it to the veterinary office as soon as possible. It makes no sun to take an animal out of pity. You only encourage the breeder in his evil machinations, because he will not stop breeding.


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