Squirrel enemies

Squirrel enemies

Natural squirrel enemies exist primarily in the garden. When you see the cute little animals romping through the trees, you think that no other animal can harm them. Unfortunately, this is not true. There are a number of enemies in the forest and field as well as in the home garden. We will show you how to help the squirrel.

Squirrel enemies in your garden

The habitat of the small reddish-brown cheerful fellows is being pushed back more and more. Unlike many other animals, squirrels follow humans. They cherish the hope to always get enough food. You can find squirrels more and more often in the park, on the cemetery and in your garden. The small rodents soon lose their fear of humans. Nevertheless, they must always be on the alert, because near people also lurk many dangers. In the garden, these dangers often come from the people themselves.

Squirrels are wild animals

Even if the rodents are still so cute and trusting, you must never forget that they are wild animals. According to the Federal Nature Conservation Ordinance (BArtSchV), wild animals may not be captured, injured or killed. If violations occur, they can be punished with fines of up to 50,000 euros. The same also applies if the resting or living places of the animals are wantonly destroyed.

The natural squirrel enemies

Whether squirrels live in the forest or in your garden, they must always be vigilant. Enemies lurk everywhere.

  • Pine marten (Martes martes) - This animal is the biggest enemy of the squirrel. It lives in the same territory and can climb just as well and nimbly as the squirrel. During its forays, it may well land in your garden. He hunts primarily at night, which is the squirrels' downfall. During the day they have an advantage over him due to their light weight.
  • Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) - Very often you will meet the red fox in residential areas, where it also preys on squirrels while hunting. The nocturnal animal is primarily on the move in the dark.
  • Weasel (Mustela nivales) - Weasels are among the most aggressive and dangerous hunters. They are also active at night and finish off their prey with a well-aimed bite on the neck.
  • Corvids (Corvidae) - They belong to the culture followers of man and share the habitat with squirrels. They are considered omnivores and make them even at feeding places for squirrels. They love to rob the rodents' nests. In particular Squirrel babies are at the mercy of these predators in the goblet without protection.
  • Birds of prey (Accipitriformes) - They pose only a conditional threat to squirrels. It becomes dangerous for the small rodents when they are in open areas.
  • Cats - Especially in the garden, cats are a real threat to squirrels. The animals are on the lookout for food both at night and during the day. It becomes dangerous for the squirrel when it ventures to the cat's food.
  • Dogs - Do not forget about dogs as enemies of squirrels. If a squirrel stays on the ground, it is in direct danger. Otherwise, he dog hardly becomes a danger to the squirrel.  

It is precisely because of their good sense of hearing and sight that squirrels usually have an advantage over their natural enemies.

With their large eyes, they can see all around. Their angle of vision is almost 180 degrees. They can thus perceive enemies in time and also estimate their speed well.

Nevertheless, in your garden lurk threatening dangers for the squirrel, which in the worst case cost him his life.

These include:

  • Open rain barrels
  • Poison applied such as slug pellets
  • Garden fertilizer like blue grain


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