Squirrel feeder

Squirrel feeder

Squirrel feeder

When buying the squirrel feeder you need to consider a few essential things. Otherwise, the rodent may not accept the squirrel feeder. Especially because the natural food resources decrease in the cold season, it is important that you support the squirrel.

Why is a squirrel feeding station important?

The cute squirrels have an increased energy requirement, especially in winter. With a squirrel feeding station you can actively contribute to the fact that the animals always have enough food available. In the city this is even more important than if you live near a forest. However, you should not feed according to your gut feeling, but pay attention to a species-appropriate diet of the animals.

Where is the best place for the squirrel feeder?

You should always place the squirrel feeding station at a sufficient height. Through the innate flight instinct, the small rodents are so well protected from their natural enemies. If you place the feeder close to the ground, you are deliberately exposing the rodents to increased danger. The higher you place the feeder, the faster the squirrel can flee in case of danger.

wildtier herz I squirrel feeder weatherproof I screwed solid wood feeding station I feeding station squirrel Kobel, squirrel house
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wildtier herz I squirrel feeder weatherproof I screwed solid wood feeding station I feeding station squirrel Kobel, squirrel house
  • 🌰 WEATHERPROOF & DURABLE: The squirrel feeder is completely screwed with brass screws and made of one of the most durable woods in the world - thus absolutely weatherproof and extremely durable. The squirrel feeding station made of solid wood with a sturdy plexiglass pane is suitable for all seasons. Dimensions: 17cm x 23cm x 21,5cm (WxHxD)
  • 🌰 SPECIAL FEEDER: The squirrel house for hanging or standing is suitable for feeding native squirrels and Siberian chipmunks. Designed and recommended by biologists and species conservationists.
  • 🌰 NATURAL & THIN: Long feed durability due to air circulation (ventilation holes in the bottom) and untreated breathable wood. The closable flap protects the feeder from food competitors and moisture.
  • 🌰 SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY: The wild animal heart squirrel feeder is made of 100% untreated FSC wood with screwed wooden elements. A species-appropriate conservation product.
  • 🌰 INCLUDED ADVICE: Each feeder comes with an instruction manual with valuable tips and information about our squirrels in the garden. OUR 30-DAY MONEY-BACK PROMISE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED - NO IFS, NO BUTS PURCHASE PRICE REFUND.

What must be considered for the squirrel feeding station?

In order for squirrels to feel comfortable in your yard and, if possible, keep coming back, you need to consider a few important things about the bird feeder.

  • Regular cleaning - With this you can prevent possible mold infestation of the house. Even the feces of the animals can lead to disease. Experts therefore advise that you line the floor of the feed house with newspaper. You can change this quickly.
  • Roofing - Make sure the feeder has a roof. This way, the offered food will neither get wet nor moldy. Furthermore, the roof also provides protection from enemies coming from the air.
  • Correct height - The feeder must be placed high enough so that you can still fill and clean it, but also protect the squirrel from enemies on the ground.

What material is suitable for squirrel feeder?

The material is one of the most important criteria for buying a squirrel feeder. Ultimately, it is less about the design than about the functionality and animal-friendly nature of the feeding place.

In many cases squirrel feeders are made of wood. Here it is important that it is untreated wood. If you still want to buy a feed house made of treated wood, then make sure that organic wood oil was used. This oil is completely free of chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can also get the squirrel feeder house from a material combination of wood and sheet metal. This has the advantage that the house is better protected from the weather.

Feeding houses for squirrels made of plastic are also available in stores. Here, however, you should always make sure that the material is robust and stable.

Practical have proven models that are equipped with a protective pane of Plexiglas. So both you and the squirrel can see if there is food in the house.

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wildtier herz Species-appropriate squirrel food 1kg for squirrels and chipmunks I All-season food for squirrels I Chipmunk food
  • 🌰 NATURAL & VERSATILE: The wild animal heart squirrel food in premium quality is made exclusively from untreated ingredients - a balanced and species-appropriate composition of hazelnuts, pine nuts, energy-rich seeds as well as kernels.
  • 🌰 ALL YEAR FEEDING: This wild squirrel food can be fed all year round and comes protected from moisture and other rodents in a convenient resealable bucket. Can also be used in a feeding station or feeder house.
  • 🌰 SPECIES-RELATED NATURAL PRODUCT: The food mix creates an additional food supply - species-appropriate composed nuts and seeds mix and suitable for all native squirrels and Siberian chipmunks. Developed and recommended by biologists and species conservationists.
  • 🌰 WITHOUT cheap peanuts: Peanuts are not only often contaminated with mold, they are also not suitable nuts for garden animals!
  • 🌰 MADE IN GERMANY: The wildtierherz squirrel food is independently tested and made in Germany. No unwanted additives. Without preservatives. Free of colorants. OUR 30 DAY MONEY BACK PROMISE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED - NO IFS, NO BUTS PURCHASE PRICE REFUND.

The species-appropriate and safe feed removal

The best squirrel feeder is useless if the rodent can't get to the food it contains.

There are cottages that have a hole. Through this hole, the animals reach to get out the food. Other models have a roof that is easy to open. The squirrel can open this and get the food. In addition, such a roof allows you to easily fill and clean. Animal rights activists have often criticized such models, because they can cause injuries to the animal. Especially if there is already a squirrel in the house and another one jumps on the roof. In the worst case, it comes to the breakage of the neck of the animal in the house.

Plexiglas panes that are not cleanly deburred also pose a danger to squirrels. Optimal are feeders, which are equipped with wooden struts in the front area. Certainly, the food is then less protected from moisture, so you need to check more often.

Pay attention to the air circulation in the squirrel feeder

Not only the species-appropriate storage of the food is important, but also adequate air circulation. This not only ensures that the food stays dry, but also that the interior is sufficiently ventilated to prevent mold.

Essential criteria for buying a squirrel feeding station

If you decide to Purchase of a feeder for squirrelsyou should pay attention to the following things.

  • Ventilation - This keeps the food fresh.
  • Water drain - This prevents the formation of mold.
  • Accessibility - The lid should move easily.
  • Health - Look for natural and safe materials.
  • Security - Avoid sharp edges or crevices where the rodent can injure itself.

Build a squirrel feeder yourself

If you are handy, you can also build the squirrel feeder yourself. You will need:

  • Base plate and back wall with dimensions 27 x 14 cm
  • Roof panel in the dimension 22 x 14 cm
  • Side walls rear 27 cm, front 20 cm high and each 20 cm wide
  • Plexiglass with dimensions 218 cm high and about 14 cm wide

The wooden parts should have a maximum thickness of 19 mm. With a jigsaw, you can easily saw out the individual parts from a sturdy wooden plate. Smooth the sharp and rough edges with sandpaper. The roof plate must be attached at a slight angle so that rainwater can run off. The rodent gets a place to sit on the protruding floor area.

Connect all the parts together and make sure that the squirrel can comfortably reach the food.

Finally, insert the Plexiglas pane into the corresponding notches at the front. Now you can hang up the feeder and fill it.


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