Tame squirrel

Attract squirrels

Tame squirrel

You can't really talk about taming squirrels just because the rodent regularly comes to your garden. With luck, the squirrel will eventually eat the nuts out of your hand. This does not really have anything to do with taming.

Wild animals cannot be tamed

You should never forget that the cute squirrel is a wild animal. Thus, it is almost impossible to tame a squirrel. However, it is possible that the little rodent gets used to you over time and becomes more trusting bit by bit.

How can you get the rodent used to you?

Stay as often as possible near the squirrel. With food you can easily win the heart of the little rodent. Always have some food ready in the places where the squirrel likes to be. This way, the little rodent will always stop by.  

Once the squirrel has become accustomed to you, you can provide food in its presence. The rodent understands that the food comes from you. You can always make a special sound that the squirrel associates with the food. This means you can either rustle the food can or click your tongue. Once the squirrel has gotten used to you and the sounds, you can talk to him while you feed him.

If the small rodent has become trusting after a certain time, you can offer him the food directly from your hand. Eventually, the animal will have so much confidence in you that it will take the food directly from your hand. Surely this will take a lot of time and you have to be patient.

Note, however, that the squirrel will probably never let you pet it. Wild animals always exercise a certain caution towards humans.

Tame squirrels, how trusting they become?

Even if you can't tame a squirrel, you'll find that they can become very trusting. This is especially true for squirrels that live in the city. However, you should never touch the little rodents. Even the most trusting animal can bite in panic or pain. If you have to pick up a squirrel because it is injured, always put on thick leather gloves. To be on the safe side, you can also throw a blanket or towel over the animal before you touch it.

Taming squirrels, can it be dangerous?

Even an untamed squirrel is usually not dangerous. But you should never forget that it has very sharp teeth. After all, it can crack nuts with them. If you scare the squirrel, it may bite you in panic. It will also bite you if you touch it wrongly and hurt it unintentionally.

If a squirrel has bitten you, it will hurt like hell. You should definitely go to the doctor. Your tetanus vaccination may need to be renewed.

Can you educate the squirrel?

Over time, the nimble rodents become more and more trusting. Nevertheless, you are far from being able to tame the squirrel. It is even forbidden. According to the Federal Nature Conservation Act, you are not allowed to catch or keep the squirrel at home as a wild animal born in the wild.

Can the squirrel transmit diseases to humans?

Squirrels can not transmit diseases to humans. The small rodents do not have rabies. Nevertheless, you should see your doctor after a bite or scratch from a squirrel.

Can you keep a squirrel in your garden?

You cannot consciously keep a squirrel in your garden or even tame it. At best, you can attract it with food. In the course of time it will become more and more trusting, so that it will regularly come by and look for food. If your garden is large enough, you can provide it with a hutch. With a little luck, the rodent will stay in your garden and may even give birth to young.

Tame squirrel, this is how you attract it

  • Put up a bird feeder or something similar.
  • Offer the animal a hutch or other nesting place.
  • Provide suitable forage plants nearby.
  • Offer enough space for climbing and hiding.
  • Ensure appropriate silence and never scare squirrels.


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