What is a hedgehog station?

Hedgehog Station

How do I find a hedgehog station?

Hedgehog sanctuaries are usually part of a wildlife charity. If you are not sure whether the organization in your area can help with hedgehogs, just ask. With one phone call you can usually find out whether it is a hedgehog rescue center or where you can find the nearest one.

What is meant by a hedgehog station?

In a hedgehog sanctuary, both sick and injured hedgehogs receive medical care. The same applies to hedgehogs that are clearly underweight. The latter are nursed up in hedgehog stations before being released back into the wild. Underweight hedgehogs in particular would not make it through the winter as they have no fat reserves.

Why are hedgehog stations so important?

Hedgehogs and other wild animals are unfortunately exposed to many dangers in our world. On the one hand, there are fewer and fewer areas close to nature and on the other hand, in agriculture in particular, a lot of work is carried out with machines. If a hedgehog is harmed as a result, it should be taken to a hedgehog sanctuary if possible.

This also applies to hedgehogs that are hit on the roads. You should not just leave a hedgehog that has been hit by a car and leave it to its fate. If you can't look after him yourself, then take him to a hedgehog sanctuary by the quickest route.

When should a hedgehog be taken to a hedgehog sanctuary?

If the hedgehog seems to you to be in need of help, then you should always contact a hedgehog rescue center and bring him there after consultation. In such a station the hedgehogs are given medical care. In addition, usually only people who know hedgehogs and their needs very well work there. The same applies to the legal regulations on the subject of hedgehogs and care.

If the hedgehog sanctuary has no more places available, they may tell you about a replacement sanctuary nearby. In many cases you will also be given instructions on how to care for the hedgehog yourself.

How can you tell if the hedgehog is in need of help?

In some cases this is possible without special knowledge. If the hedgehog is bleeding or there are foreign bodies such as wire, string or similar on his body, he needs help. It also happens that the hedgehog is covered all over with parasites. Here too help is absolutely necessary. The parasites must be removed as quickly as possible with tweezers. Under no circumstances should you use water.

In many cases, the need for help is not recognizable at first glance. You can recognize it by the fact that the hedgehog behaves conspicuously. The nocturnal animal walks around during the day looking for food. The hedgehog may stagger or be unable to curl up. If the hedgehog is underweight, you will recognize this by an indentation behind the head or protruding hip bones. You should contact a hedgehog rescue center as soon as possible.

How are hedgehogs housed in a hedgehog sanctuary?

The enclosures for the hedgehogs should in any case be separated from the living quarters. This is important for the hedgehogs' peace and quiet, and also for hygienic reasons. Things are not particularly hygienic in a hedgehog enclosure.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals and should therefore always be housed separately. Only hedgehog mothers with their young are an exception here. In the enclosure the hedgehog must have a hiding place or shelter. In hedgehog sanctuaries this is usually a small house. Hygiene in the enclosure is very important. The enclosure must be cleaned daily so that diseases cannot spread.

Is anyone allowed to run a hedgehog station?

More and more people declare their willingness to care for sick hedgehogs. This is a relief measure that is gladly accepted. However, some rules must be observed. Hedgehogs must be cared for and kept in a manner appropriate to their species. This is checked again and again.

If you want to open a hedgehog station, you must have suitable rooms and enclosures for the animals. Furthermore, you must be familiar with the legal requirements. Hedgehogs may only be cared for and medically attended by qualified persons.

A recognized hedgehog station must be approved. In addition, all the regulations of the Federal Nature Conservation Act in combination with the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act must be complied with. As the operator of a hedgehog station, you must also be able to name an appropriate competent veterinarian.

How do you find a hedgehog station?

If you don't know of any hedgehog rescue centers in your area, which are usually also called wildlife rescue centers, you can search the internet. In the search mask you simply enter hedgehog station in the vicinity. A number of different stations will be listed immediately.

You can also contact the network for hedgehog help, the association Pro Igel e.V. in Germany. This association usually keeps a comprehensive directory of various hedgehog stations, hedgehog keepers and hedgehog conservation clubs.


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