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Garden animal - A life with nature Welcome to my animal blog! My name is Dirk and I am happy to take you on my journey through the fascinating world of animals and gardening. Born 54 years ago, I have had an insatiable curiosity for the animal world around me since childhood. Although I have moved professionally in other industries, my true passion has always been for animals and nature. It is remarkable how a small garden has become such an important part of my life. Many of my fondest memories are associated with the animals that share our home. Whether it's the curious squirrels scurrying across the trees in the morning, the colorful variety of birds that visit our feeders, or the busy bees and butterflies that pollinate our flowers, every moment with them is invaluable to me. This blog is my contribution to sharing my experiences, discoveries and insights with like-minded people. Here I will share stories of memorable encounters with wildlife, offer tips on gardening and creating wildlife-friendly habitats, and take you on my journeys through nature. Thank you so much for being here! Sincerely, Dirk aka Garden Animal

Fressen Igel Gemüse?

In der Welt der Wildtiere gibt es viele interessante Fragen, besonders wenn es um die Ernährung geht. Igel sind kleine Stachelwesen, die in vielen Gärten und Parks zu finden sind, und ihre Fütterung kann manchmal für Verwirrung sorgen. Daher widmet sich dieser Blogpost der Frage: „Fressen Igel Gemüse?“ Was Du über Igel wissen solltest Igel …

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Feeding hedgehogs, when to stop?

In diesem Blogpost geht es um ein Thema, das viele Igel-Freunde und Naturinteressierte beschäftigt: Wann sollte man aufhören, Igel zu füttern? Die korrekte Fütterung spielt eine entscheidende Rolle für das Wohl dieser stacheligen Gartenbewohner, daher ist es wichtig, sich umfassend zu informieren. Warum ist das Thema: „Igel füttern, wann aufhören?“ wichtig? Igel sind nützliche Tiere, …

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Make hedgehog food yourself

The autumn season is here, and with it the prickly garden dwellers, the hedgehogs, are coming back in search of food in greater numbers. In today's world, it is not always easy for these little creatures to find enough food. Therefore, "making hedgehog food yourself" is a topic that should not only interest animal lovers. In this blogpost you will get a comprehensive guide ...

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Do hedgehogs eat rats?

The question hedgehogs eat rats may seem curious at first glance. But it touches on a variety of topics, from the biology of the two species to everyday encounters in our gardens. This introduction provides an overview and clarifies why this topic is interesting to study. Why the topic, "Do hedgehogs eat rats?", ...

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Can hedgehogs swim?

"Can hedgehogs swim?" This question is not only interesting from a scientific point of view, but also relevant for animal lovers and environmentalists. In this article, we get to the bottom of this question and look at various aspects that could influence hedgehogs' swimming behavior. Background to the topic: Can hedgehogs swim? Hedgehogs are fascinating animals that live in different parts of Europe, ...

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Hedgehog curled

You've certainly encountered a hedgehog curled up, either on an evening walk or perhaps in your own backyard. These small, spiny creatures have a fascinating yet practical ability: they can curl up. But why do they do it? This blog post sheds light on the various aspects behind this unique behavior. You'll learn all ...

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Do hedgehogs eat bananas?

The question, "Do hedgehogs eat bananas?", may seem strange at first glance, but it is very relevant for those of us who have a hedgehog in their garden or are generally interested in the diet of these interesting animals. In this article, we'll get to the bottom of the question. Why the question: "Do hedgehogs eat bananas?", important ...

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Hedgehog hunger fold

The hedgehog hunger fold is a symptom that allows clear conclusions about the health of the animal. It is often overlooked by humans, but it is an important sign that should not be ignored. Below you will learn more about the definition and anatomical basis of the hunger fold. Definition of Hedgehog Hunger Fold The hunger fold is a visible wrinkle or ...

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Hedgehog mating season

Hedgehog mating season is an exciting yet important topic that offers insights into the natural behavior and reproductive cycles of these spiny mammals. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into this fascinating world. You'll learn everything you need to know, from the biological basics to the protective measures taken during this important phase of ...

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