July 2022

Can hamsters eat apple?

Yes, your hamster can eat apple. The question whether a hamster may eat apples is certainly justified. However, we can reassure you that your hamster is allowed to eat the fruit, which is available fresh in Germany almost all year round. Apples are healthy and have many minerals and vitamins. Nevertheless, when feeding ...

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Rhodelander chickens

Rhodeland chickens got their name because the place of origin of this chicken breed is in the USA in the state of Rhode Island. The chicken breed originated from crossing of Malays and Cochins, as well as other Asian chicken breeds. Rhodes are true and full-fledged farm chickens, bred to ensure high egg production. Around 1860, this breeding was ...

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Druffler Crested Chicken

The Druffler Crested Chicken is a Dutch crested chicken and a breed known for centuries. Crested chickens have been around for many centuries and were depicted in paintings as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. They are particularly beautiful to look at because, compared to the other chicken breeds, they have a particularly beautifully pronounced plumage on the head. This is called the hood ...

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Marsh Tit

The marsh tit, also called the barnacle, belongs to the large family of tits. It is native to the whole of Europe, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural Mountains. Another habitat of the marsh tit is East Asia from Japan to East China and also in the eastern part of Russia this tit species can be found. From the Urals, to the habitat in the ...

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Eat foxes cats

That the fox is an omnivore, that is known. But is it to be expected that foxes eat cats? No, and there are all kinds of reasons for this, which we will show you here and inform you why you do not have to worry about your cat. Should you see a fox near your cat, then ...

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What do titmice eat?

Tits are one of the most common bird species in Germany, but what do tits eat? We report on what the tits like to eat in winter and summer and with what treats, they feed their offspring. And who doesn't know them, the great tit and the blue tit, with their unusual and beautiful plumage they immediately catch the eye when visiting the garden ...

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