September 2022

Hamster sand bath

Why a hamster sand bath is so important, and therefore belongs in every hamster enclosure, we would like to explain to you exactly in this article. A few years ago, sand baths for hamsters were still a rarity, but fortunately, more and more owners of hamsters realize how important this inexpensive utensil is for the animals. What is a sand bath for ...

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Can hamsters swim

Hamsters are definitely not born swimmers. However, hamsters can swim if they get into an emergency situation. In the wild, hamsters kept in Germany come into contact with water only sporadically. This is because they usually live in dry areas and so swimming, is not an issue for them for logical reasons. Of course, it looks ...

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Field hamster in garden

A field hamster in the garden has unfortunately become a rarity in many areas of Germany. The little guys are threatened with extinction and therefore it is especially important that if a field hamster should be in your garden, you take care of him a little. But first you have to realize that a field hamster in your garden ...

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May hamsters eat raspberries

Are hamsters allowed to eat raspberries? This is a question that owners of hamsters ensure, primarily if it is their first animal. But we can tell you for sure, yes, hamsters are allowed to eat raspberries. However, as with any fruit, there are certain things that need to be taken into consideration so that your hamster doesn't get sick. Which these are, you will learn ...

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