November 2021

Litter box rabbit

Litter box rabbit

A litter box rabbits is a controversial issue among rabbit breeders. For some indispensable for breeding, for others a negligible utensil. What you should consider when using a litter box, you will learn here with us. Litter box rabbits - that's why it's important Rabbits are flight animals and in almost all cases they retreat to keep their ...

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Hedgehogs eat spiders

Do hedgehogs eat spiders?

Since hedgehogs are insectivores, you can answer the question of whether hedgehogs eat spiders yourself. It is clearly YES. Besides spiders, the hedgehog's diet also includes centipedes and millipedes as well as earwigs, earthworms, night butterflies and other insects. Hedgehogs love spiders As soon as dusk sets in, the hedgehog goes in search of food. With his ...

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