June 2022

Black fox

A black fox in your garden? Then we can already congratulate you, mainly if you live in Central Europe. If you see a black fox in Germany, then it is certainly an animal that has escaped. What you have seen suggests a silver fox or a cabbage fox. Where exactly the ...

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Fox in garden

If you discover a fox in your garden for the first time, you will wonder what to do. In no case you should ignore your visit and you should not try to chase away the fox alone. In our article about foxes in the garden, you will learn how it is possible to chase away a fox ...

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Rabid fox

A rabid fox is suspected by many when a fox is confiding to humans. But this is not an indication, because foxes are often curious and observe people. Due to their way of life, which makes them live close to people, they are less afraid of them. Therefore, not running away from a ...

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Sleeping fox

Some of you may have spotted one before, a sleeping fox. But the sleep of the fox can not be compared with a human sleeping behavior. To see such a fox, presumed to be asleep, will probably just lie down to rest. The fox does this in a wide variety of places. However, to sleep properly, he pulls himself ...

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What does the fox eat?

The question is easy to answer, because the fox eats almost everything. Although he prefers, if he has the opportunity fresh meat, such as wild rabbits, young hares, but also birds, insects, snails and worms. Likewise, he finds mice and rats tasty and he rounds off his diet with fruits and berries, which he finds in the ...

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