May 2022

Gray fox

The gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) is the third important fox species. In addition, there are the red fox and the kit fox. To distinguish the gray fox from the island gray fox in North America, it is often called the mainland gray fox. It belongs to the dog family (Canidae). Unusually for him, he can climb trees. The characteristics of the ...

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Fox in winter

The fox is one of the most active wild animals in Germany in winter. This has different reasons, which we will discuss here. You will discover new sides of the fox and things that you may already be familiar with, get to know even better and understand. The fox does not hibernate Even if this story is told again and again, ...

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Fox tracks

Fox tracks are not only the footprints in the snow of the fox, which you can sometimes discover. They are also the tracks of feeding and excrements left by the fox. Thanks to these tracks you can tell if you have nocturnal visitors in your garden and if these tracks are really due to a fox. Fox tracks - this is how ...

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Fox barks

When a fox barks, you can be sure that this is a contact call from the animal. This call is to show the other foxes where the barking fox is. During the mating season, you will hear these sounds often when two animals are approaching each other. The time is limited to December to February and then ...

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Location squirrel feeder

The location squirrel feeder is extremely important. Only in this way can you protect the nimble rodents from their predators and ensure that the squirrel likes to come to you in the garden. In the following, we would like to show you what you absolutely have to pay attention to. Why is the location of the squirrel feeder so important? Surely you want to have a good view ...

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Squirrel tit dumplings

Suspended tit dumplings are often gone faster than you can look and you wonder, do the squirrels eat the tit dumplings. The question can be answered immediately with YES, because squirrels love, the protein-rich food. So you can feed both the birds and the squirrel with the tit dumplings. Welcome invitation to eat - squirrels and tit dumplings ...

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Hedgehog rat poison

Do hedgehogs eat rat poison

If you are wondering if hedgehogs eat rat poison or slug pellets, the answer is YES. If the small mammals are on the lookout for food, then they do not necessarily stop at rat poison or slug pellets as well as weed killers. Hedgehogs will eat anything they find when they are hungry. Why avoid rat poison or slug pellets? Not only do hedgehogs eat this, ...

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Nesting material squirrel

The right nesting material for the squirrel hutch the animals look for themselves in nature. In addition to twigs and branches, the animals also collect leaves, moss, feathers, thin strips of tree bark or animal skins. Provided nesting material for squirrel hutch You can also help the small rodents by providing them with nesting material for the squirrel hutch.

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