Druffler Haubenhuhn

Druffler Crested Chicken

The Druffler Crested Chicken is a Dutch crested chicken and a breed known for centuries. Crested chickens have been around for many centuries and were depicted in paintings as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. They are particularly beautiful to look at, because they have a particularly beautifully pronounced plumage on the head compared to the other chicken breeds.

This is called a hood and sometimes looks like the Druffler hood chicken is wearing a helmet adorned with feathers.

Druffler Crested Chicken Features

Druffler crested chickens have their origin in the Netherlands. The animals are medium sized chickens. It is a calm and balanced breed of chickens. The chickens do not like to fly, so they are ideal to keep in the garden without having to take too elaborate safety precautions.

The Druffler crested chicken wears a spherical cap on its head. However, there are differences between the hen and the rooster. The cock has a slightly airier plumage and the plumage is not too close to the cap. In the hen, the plumage is very dense and, unlike the rooster, you can no longer see a crest. The coloration in the Druffler is very different, almost all color variants have already been bred.

Druffler crested chickens are excellent to keep in a flock of chickens of mixed breeds. They have a calm nature and establish a contact with people if it is regularly maintained. For sure they will become a little "star" in your flock of chickens for all who will examine your chickens. Because visually they simply stand out and make something.

Druffler data

Weight of the cock:2-2.5 kg
Weight of the hen:1.5-2 kg
Laying performance per year:250-270 eggs
Egg weight55-65 g for adult hens

Buy Druffler Crested Chicken

If you have the desire to buy a Druffler crested chicken, then we can only recommend you to go to designated breeders and look at the chickens there. Also at small animal breeding clubs you will always find breeders who breed the Druffler and sell them accordingly. Here you should research on the Internet and look for a small animal breeding club in your area.

The advantage of such a purchase is that you can always contact the breeder there if you have any questions. These are almost always helpful and will help us with any questions. Because the members of these clubs are very concerned about the welfare of the animals. But also here you should conclude and sign a contract with the seller, so that you are on the safe side.

It should also go without saying that the chickens are in perfect condition and that the mandatory vaccination against Newcastle disease has been carried out. If you buy a Druffler crested chicken that has not been vaccinated, ask why. Vaccination is easy to do yourself, as the live vaccines can be administered through the drinking water, as eye drops and as an aerosol spray.


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