Dürfen Hamster Walnüsse essen?

Are hamsters allowed to eat walnuts?

Wondering if you can feed your little rodent walnuts? The answer to the question of whether hamsters can eat walnuts is yes. However, walnuts and nuts in general should never be a staple food for your hamster. Why this is so and what you should pay attention to when feeding walnuts, we tell you in detail in the following text and hope you enjoy reading.

What must be considered when feeding?

Walnuts, like many other types of nuts, are not harmful to your hamster in the right amount. On the contrary, nuts contain many healthy substances that support a healthy life of the hamster. However, you should not exceed the prescribed amount that you can feed your pet, because walnuts have a high fat content of 63%.

Too much fat, just like too much sugar, can lead to diabetes in hamsters. A healthy and species-appropriate diet is therefore important for the health of your furry friend. Which amount is the right one for which hamster species, we explain further down in the text.

Please note: if your hamster already suffers from diabetes or obesity, you should refrain from feeding walnuts and nuts of all kinds.

Attention. When feeding a walnut, you should make sure that your hamster cannot injure itself on the shell. Therefore, check the walnut shell beforehand for sharp edges. However, it is better if you remove the shell completely.

How many walnuts can a hamster eat?

The right amount for your hamster depends on its size. Since golden hamsters are the largest of their kind, you can give hamsters in the size category half a walnut per week.

Smaller hamsters, such as dwarf hamsters, should be given only a quarter of a walnut.

The advantages of feeding walnuts to your hamster

Since walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin E and antioxidants, they are, in moderation, one of a hamster's healthy treats.

In addition, you can keep your pet occupied and challenged with the gift of walnuts. If you give your hamster the walnut in the shell, he has to work it out and get the nut out of the shell. This brings variety into the daily routine and kills boredom.

Chewing the shell also helps the hamster to grind down his teeth. These grow namely constantly and must therefore be shortened again and again.

The disadvantages of feeding walnuts to your hamster

Hamsters are little gluttons. If they get unlimited access to tasty snacks, they will eat them. Nuts, of any kind, should therefore never be the main food of your furry friend.

Walnuts, in moderation, are a healthy snack for your hamster. However, too many fatty carbohydrates can cause hamsters to suffer from diabetes and obesity. Therefore, make sure to portion out the treats for your pet.

Do hamsters like walnuts?

Many hamsters love nuts of all kinds and we love to spoil our little darlings. Nevertheless, you must be responsible with feeding so that your hamster does not gain weight.

However, if you observe that your hamster does not like to eat walnuts, you do not have to worry. Even though nuts have many healthy properties, they are not essential for hamsters.

Can I use walnuts as an attractant?

Walnuts are an excellent way to get your little darling used to you. If you have already fed your hamster a walnut, he knows how tasty it is and will not miss the opportunity to eat it from your hand.

Nevertheless, this requires calmness, as hamsters are flight animals and therefore extremely jumpy. So try to move as little as possible when trying to lure the hamster.

Place the appropriate portion for your hamster on your fingertip and hold your hand out flat to the animal. Practice patience, because it may well take a little time for your hamster to approach you. Sooner or later, however, curiosity or appetite will be too great and your hamster will literally eat out of your hand.

If this method has worked well a few times, you can also place the walnut in the palm of your hand the next time, so that your hamster has to climb onto your hand to get to the treat.

Are hamsters allowed to eat walnuts? - Conclusion

To get back to the basics: Yes, your hamster can eat walnuts. They are, when divided into portion-sized pieces, a healthy snack for your pet. But, as with all foods high in fat and calories, the rule is: in moderation, not in masses. Otherwise, eating walnuts can lead to serious health problems and greatly affect your hamster's quality of life.


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