Squirrel tit dumplings

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Do squirrels eat tit dumplings?

Suspended tit dumplings are often gone faster than you can look and you wonder, do the squirrels eat the tit dumplings. The question can be answered immediately with YES, because squirrels love, the protein-rich food. So you can feed both the birds and the squirrel with the tit dumplings.

Welcome invitation to eat - squirrels and tit dumplings

Actually, when you hung the tit dumplings, you were thinking primarily of the native peepers and not the squirrel. The squirrel also likes to eat the tit dumplings, because they are not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Especially tit dumplings in special holders are often completely stolen by the squirrel. In their goblet, they then have enough time to get the food from the holder and enjoy it.

How can you make the birdhouse squirrel safe?

You love the little nimble rodents, but still want to avoid the squirrel eating the tit dumplings and food. We show you what you can do.

On the one hand, you can buy a so-called squirrel-proof birdhouse. Before entering, the animals are weighed and anything heavier than a secret songbird is not allowed to enter.

Closed tit dumpling holder - no guarantee

If you think with a closed dumpling holder squirrels do not eat the tit dumplings, then you are wrong. If the rodents do not get to the food immediately, they simply take the complete dumpling holder with them.

Food squirrels avoid

You can also offer the songbirds mainly food that squirrels avoid. This includes rapeseed and millet. Squirrels also do not like canary food or safflower. This way you can almost be sure that the 'food will be eaten primarily by the birds.

The situation is different in a very harsh winter. If the rodent runs out of nuts, then squirrels eat tit dumplings and also food that they otherwise spurn.

Can the squirrel destroy a birdhouse?

In any case, and it does not matter whether the birdhouse is made of plastic or wood. If the squirrel thinks that it wants to get to the food, it will find a way. It gnaws and nibbles on the birdhouse until it gets to the food.

Make a feeder for squirrels

If you want to enjoy both birds and squirrels, you can set up a feeding station for both animals separately. If you make sure that the squirrel feeder is always sufficiently stocked, you can be almost sure that the squirrel will no longer eat the tit dumplings.

This works best if you permanently provide nuts, corn and other treats specifically for the squirrel.

Peppers into bird food

There is a trick that will ensure that squirrels do not get to the birdseed. Mix the feed with a little paprika powder, paprika flakes or paprika seeds. The birds won't mind, but the squirrel will spurn the food if it tastes the peppers.

In no case should you reach for chili or hot peppers. These spices can attack the respiratory tract of birds and squirrels.

Make tit dumplings yourself

Speilt it for you no role who eats the tit dumplings, you can also make some yourself. It's easy and comparatively cheap. Thus, squirrels eat tit dumplings, which are created in brand self-made and you are not annoyed that you always have to refill tit dumplings. Depending on the quality, this can be a burden on your wallet.

You can use beef tallow or coconut fat as a base material to make titmouse dumplings directly according to the preferences of the animals. After you have melted the suet or fat, you can stir in nuts, sunflower seeds, insects, berries, raisins and the like. The mass you then fill into appropriate containers and let it solidify. Depending on the ingredients, you can target specific bird species or even the Attract squirrels.


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