Chickens in winter

Chickens and poultry in general are extremely robust and cope excellently with the cold. Nevertheless, you as an animal owner must provide for your chickens in winter. This means that the free range and the stable is winterproof and prepared for the cold season. Here we provide you with an overview of the measures you should take to ensure that your ...

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Rhodelander chickens

Rhodeland chickens got their name because the place of origin of this chicken breed is in the USA in the state of Rhode Island. The chicken breed originated from crossing of Malays and Cochins, as well as other Asian chicken breeds. Rhodes are true and full-fledged farm chickens, bred to ensure high egg production. Around 1860, this breeding was ...

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Druffler Crested Chicken

The Druffler Crested Chicken is a Dutch crested chicken and a breed known for centuries. Crested chickens have been around for many centuries and were depicted in paintings as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. They are particularly beautiful to look at because, compared to the other chicken breeds, they have a particularly beautifully pronounced plumage on the head. This is called the hood ...

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Barbezieux chickens

This breed of chicken was named after a French town Barbezieux in the department of Charente-Maritime. Barbezieux chickens have an exceptional size and are among the largest chickens in Europe. For breeders, these chickens are special, but to the chagrin of German breeders, they are only recognized within French and Belgian standards. The chickens have an exceptional meat ...

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