Squirrel feeder

Squirrels are more than just cute little climbers scampering through our gardens and parks. They are also an important part of our ecosystem. But how can we help these charming creatures, especially during the cold season? This blog post will show you how to build or choose a squirrel feeder yourself. Why a squirrel feeder? A ...

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Do squirrels eat mice?

In this blog post, we explore the intriguing question, "Do squirrels eat mice?" A topic that not only animal lovers, but also nature lovers and those interested in science are concerned about. We will take a closer look at the feeding habits of squirrels and try to shed some light on the subject. Why the question "Do squirrels eat mice?" Squirrels are cute little creatures that live in ...

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Flying squirrels

One of the most fascinating creatures cavorting high up in the treetops are flying squirrels. Their acrobatic flying maneuvers and secretive way of life make them true superheroes of the animal world. Gleithorns, as they are properly called, are found in North America, Europe and Asia. In Europe, however, they are found only in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and northern Russia. ...

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Location squirrel feeder

The location squirrel feeder is extremely important. Only in this way can you protect the nimble rodents from their predators and ensure that the squirrel likes to come to you in the garden. In the following, we would like to show you what you absolutely have to pay attention to. Why is the location of the squirrel feeder so important? Surely you want to have a good view ...

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Squirrel tit dumplings

Suspended tit dumplings are often gone faster than you can look and you wonder, do the squirrels eat the tit dumplings. The question can be answered immediately with YES, because squirrels love, the protein-rich food. So you can feed both the birds and the squirrel with the tit dumplings. Welcome invitation to eat - squirrels and tit dumplings ...

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Nesting material squirrel

The right nesting material for the squirrel hutch the animals look for themselves in nature. In addition to twigs and branches, the animals also collect leaves, moss, feathers, thin strips of tree bark or animal skins. Provided nesting material for squirrel hutch You can also help the small rodents by providing them with nesting material for the squirrel hutch.

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Squirrels and cats

Squirrels and cats are really not a dream team. Even your house cat still carries a lot of its ancestors in itself. Whether domestic or free-roaming cat, the animals have not lost the hunting instinct to this day. Squirrels and cats hardly become friends It can be said quite clearly that all cats hunt. This is true ...

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Squirrel in rat trap

You want to catch rats and wonder if the rat trap is a danger for squirrels. It depends on the rat trap and the bait in it. If it gives off a nut aroma, the squirrel will also try to get it. Why is rat trap a danger for squirrel? The rat trap as a danger for squirrels, if bait smells of nuts ...

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