Squirrel feeder rat proof

Eichhörnchen Futterhaus rattensicher

Squirrel feeder rat proof

Feeding stations you get in the trade many, but is the squirrel feeder rat-proof? Very few people who buy such a feeder, think about it. But this question is not unfounded, because you certainly do not want to establish rats or other vermin in your garden.

What makes the squirrel feeder rat proof?

The only issue here is the design, which ensures that the Squirrel feeder becomes rat-proof. In no case should you put squirrel food loose. This would attract not only rats, but also many corvids. The squirrel is one of the clever fellows in the animal kingdom and quickly gets the hang of how to get to the food.

Feed squirrels around the year?

There is nothing against feeding squirrels around the year, as long as you use a squirrel feeder rat-proof. It becomes very difficult for the small rodents between February and June. It is not uncommon for the rodents to have young. A large part of the food depot is used up. Unfortunately, there are still enough diligent gardeners who always clean up their garden perfectly and thus destroy even the last food stocks.

What should the feed house look like?

Have you ever observed squirrels extensively? Then you have probably also noticed that the nimble animals have a hard time with the platform at the feeder. Many platforms are simply too small, so that the squirrel does not find a foothold on it. With their big feet, the squirrels can just about stand on it. In addition, the flaps are difficult or impossible to open.

You can specifically counteract this. Place the squirrel feeder on a tree slice that is larger than the house itself. The squirrel can stand well on it and open the flap to the food. This should of course not jam or be too stiff.

The squirrel feeder is rat-proof because these animals are hardly able to open the flap and get food out at the same time. If the flap is so large that it protrudes over the actual house, you can be sure that the food will not get wet.

What belongs in the feeder?

Except peanuts and almonds, you can put almost any nut in the feeder. In addition to hazelnuts, these include walnuts, pine nuts and chestnuts. But also sunflower seeds, beechnuts or dried corn is a popular delicacy with squirrels.

You should never put fruit or other moist food in the feeder. The risk that it will start to mold is too great. However, you can put pieces of apple on the platform if you know, for example, that the squirrel comes by regularly. The fruit has little chance to mold.

Under no circumstances should you give the squirrel food scraps or bread. This would inevitably attract rats and other creatures.

Where do you put the squirrel feeder rat proof?

From a place close to the ground is generally not recommended. Not only rats have it easy here, but also mice, cats and possibly dogs. Since squirrels know these dangers, they will avoid the feeder no matter how deliciously you stock it. Even if squirrels accept the ground level feeder, they are in constant danger, while feeding they are distracted and would notice too late that a predator is sneaking up on them.

When installing the feeder, you should choose a place as high as possible. Of course, it must be located so that you can fill the feeder and clean it regularly.

If possible, the access should be a little hidden by leaves and bushes. Squirrels can smell the food even at greater distances - they do not necessarily have to see it. Feeding house for the squirrel should also not be placed on the facade of the house, there the nimble animals can not really keep well.

What else do you need to consider?

Do not use brightly painted feeders. These look nice, but are usually painted with toxic paints, which harms the squirrel in the long run. The surface of the house should at best be treated with oil.

In any case, you must not forget to clean the feeding station regularly. Diseases can spread quickly through excrement and other dirt. To make cleaning easier, you can cover the floor with newspaper and then spread the food on top.

If you buy a feeder or make it yourself, you can assume that it will not last more than 2 to 3 years. Even if it still looks attractive, you should replace it. Especially in the cracks can hide pathogens, which then spread rapidly.

Once you have started feeding, you must keep it up. There is nothing worse for squirrels if you provide them with food only sporadically. If the animals have come a few times for nothing, they will generally avoid your feeding station in the future. They are not sure if they will find anything in here.


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