Do hedgehogs eat toads?

Do hedgehogs eat toads?

More than once, when you see a toad, you have asked yourself whether hedgehogs also eat toads. This question can be answered quickly, because hedgehogs have a very wide food spectrum. This includes frogs and toads in any case.

Toads belong to the food spectrum of hedgehogs

Besides insects and spiders eat hedgehog also very fond of a frog or a toad. Furthermore, hedgehogs like to eat eggs, snakes, lizards, mushrooms and the larvae of the night butterfly. Now and then it happens that the hedgehog eats a small bird. However, this only happens when the small birds have fallen out of the nest and are lying helplessly on the ground.

What about feeding the hedgehog?

It can't be mentioned enough, but you are not doing the hedgehog any good by feeding it. The hedgehog is still a wild animal that does not depend on contact with humans. Surely it is a nice experience for you or your children if you can observe one in your garden. However, it is misunderstood ornamental love, if you start to feed the mammal.

Feed weakened hedgehogs

The situation is different with a sick or weakened hedgehog that you find in your garden. Such an animal should have food permanently at its free disposal. The same applies to water, of course. However, you must make sure that no other animals can get at the food for the sick or weak hedgehog.

What does a hedgehog get to drink?

As a rule, hedgehogs quench their thirst at puddles, streams or even a piece of fruit. If possible, there should be some of this in your garden. If this is not the case, then you can provide a shallow bowl of water for the hedgehog. However, never give him milk, because his digestive system is not designed for that. The hedgehog would get diarrhea, which would weaken him so much that he could die from it.


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