Can rabbits see in the dark?

Können Kaninchen im Dunkeln sehen

Can rabbits see in the dark?

Yes, rabbits can see in the dark, because contrary to popular belief, rabbit burrows are not supplied with alternative energy until the year 2183.

Joking aside, nature has optimally prepared rabbits for the dark, through their large pupils and the eyes attached to the side of the head, they have excellent all-round vision even at dusk and in the dark. Your rabbit is a flight animal and is accordingly active especially at dusk in the evening and morning hours.

Why can rabbits see in the dark?

To do this, you need to take a close look at the rabbit's pupil. This is immobile and cannot be moved from left to right like the male eye. Also a rabbit does not have the ability to adjust the pupil in size. Therefore, in bright light, the animal can not limit the incidence of light. You must imagine this as if you had to look unprepared into a bright light and could not squint your eyes.

Therefore, many rabbits are frightened of bright light sources and especially at night, no electric light should burn at the rabbits. In principle, rabbits are farsighted. This means that they see things out of focus up to 1 meter away, but everything further away is very sharp. Since your rabbit is a flight animal, it can see when danger appears in the distance and get to safety in time.

Does hearing help the rabbit see in the dark?

The hearing of a rabbit is excellent and also very sensitive to noise. This good hearing also helps the rabbit, in addition to its good eyes, that it is warned of danger in time.

Do the tactile hairs help the rabbit to orient itself in the dark?

Yes, the tactile hairs help the rabbit to better find its way in the dark. These are attached to the upper lip the child and the eyebrows. Similar to a cat, this allows rabbits to see if they can fit through a passageway or avoid it. Likewise, in the dark about their sense of smell and their tactile hairs can be excellent in search of food.

Kaninchengehör im Dunkeln

Why do rabbits make noises in the dark?

Your rabbits are crepuscular animals and also a flight animal. Fleeing animals in general sleep only for a short time and are then active again. A typical night of a rabbit consists of being active in the evening at dusk and taking in food. Therefore, it is important to give the rabbits fresh green food again in the evening, so that they have enough to eat during the night.

After eating and exploring, a nap is taken that lasts between one and 3 hours, after which the rabbits become active again. Then they eat and explore again and sometimes play with each other. Then follows another sleep phase, until dawn, the rabbits again together on eating and exploring.

Rabbits can also be very restless at night, and this is when they feel lonely (solitary confinement) or are not busy. Therefore, never keep a rabbit alone, this is not species-appropriate. In several rabbits live together, then they play and romp together and become restless at night only rarely.

What does my rabbit need in the dark?

Rabbits want silence above all in the dark. Loud noises frighten them violently and there have been rabbits that have died of a heart attack because of too loud noises. It is ideal if you give your rabbits a place to run freely even in the dark, because at dawn and dusk they have their most active time.

Ideal is an enclosure outdoors, alternatively of course in the apartment, where they can move freely. In this enclosure they should have free access to their food, as well as a drinking possibility. Also important is a shelter where they can retreat.


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