Can rabbits cry?

Können Kaninchen weinen

Can rabbits cry?

Since we humans sometimes express our feelings by crying, some rabbit owners believe that rabbits may also cry. However, if tears come out of a rabbit's eye, it has nothing to do with sadness, but is almost always a sign that your rabbit has a health problem. It definitely cannot express emotions with crying.

So if your rabbit has watering eyes, you should find out the reason and if you can't explain it yourself, you should visit the vet as soon as possible. Because a watery eye can also be a serious disease and should therefore be diagnosed accurately to exclude unpleasant consequences.

Watery eyes in rabbits can be a warning signal

What we consider harmless as crying and watery eyes in humans can be a serious disease in rabbits. Therefore, as a rabbit owner, you should always keep an eye on your rabbit's eyes. Observe them very closely, then you will quickly recognize a change in them and can thus take the right steps in time.

Reasons for crying eyes in rabbit

One of the most common reasons for watery eyes is dental problems in rabbits. The dental problems are also the most common diseases that rabbits have. Often, the wrong diet is to blame for this, as the teeth do not wear down enough, and as a result, the teeth become too long and cause pain to the rabbit. Likewise, as a result, it can no longer absorb its food in the usual form.

In such a case, you should not delay a visit to the vet and have an accurate diagnosis made. Teeth are only one of many possibilities why your rabbit has watery eyes. It can also be a simple eye inflammation, which is easily cured. Sometimes it happens that your rabbit hits an object, even if it is only a haystalk, so that the eye gets red.

Kaninchen traurig und weinen

More reasons for watery rabbit eyes

The most obvious situation for a crying rabbit eye is really dental problems, however, there are several other situations where a rabbit eye may water. These include:

  • Bacteria that have entered the eye and cause inflammation.
  • Foreign bodies in the eye, these are sometimes not visible to the naked eye and must be detected by a veterinarian.
  • Injuries from romping with conspecifics, or from an attack.
  • Poor hygiene, should your rabbit not have a clean environment, then eye infections can also occur.
  • Clogged duct of the lacrimal gland.
  • Rabbits in an apartment with smokers.
  • Not feeding the right species, which leads to deficiency symptoms.

As you can see, there are a variety of possibilities as to why your rabbit has watery eyes. We have only listed a small selection of possibilities here and hope for you and your rabbit's sake that you never have to look this up because your rabbit has watery eyes. But one thing we can tell you for sure, rabbits cannot cry to express their feelings.


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