Fox pups

Fox cubs found

One morning you're out for a familiar stroll through your favorite forest and suddenly come across something that melts your heart - tiny, delicate fox cubs snuggling innocently in their little hideaway. So now that you've discovered these adorable little creatures, what should you do? In this blog article, I try to answer all the questions you ...

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Fox bit

Welcome to the fascinating world of animal dentures - today under our magnifying glass: the fox denture. Foxes are cunning, adaptable, and often a highlight of numerous fables and fairy tales. But have you ever wondered what the dentition of this cunning predator looks like? Today, we're taking time to explore just that. The incredible diversity of the fox's bite ...

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Fox eyes

Fox eyes

You open your eyes and discover yourself in the midst of nature, the sun is rising, the birds are singing and the gentle murmur of a stream fills the air. Suddenly you notice something in the thicket that glows. No, it doesn't just sparkle, it seems to glow in a different spectrum - golden, graceful and threatening at the same time. What could ...

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Fox a dog

Is the fox a dog?

Have you ever wondered if the fox is a dog? This is a question that requires more than a simple answer. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of biology, genetics, and behavior to discuss this question. It will be a journey where you may find a few surprises in ...

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Eat foxes cats

That the fox is an omnivore, that is known. But is it to be expected that foxes eat cats? No, and there are all kinds of reasons for this, which we will show you here and inform you why you do not have to worry about your cat. Should you see a fox near your cat, then ...

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Fox species

The different fox species are spread all over the world, except in Australia they occur naturally everywhere. Only there, one fox species, namely the red fox, was introduced by humans and spread quickly there as well and became native. Foxes are extremely adaptable and this also ensures their global spread. The different fox species have ...

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The fox den is also called an earth den and serves as a safe retreat for foxes, mainly in winter and when rearing young. We would like to introduce you to what is so special about these fox burrows and which for us humans surprising living communities are formed under the earth. Let us surprise you, you will learn something new. This is how ...

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Are foxes dangerous

Are foxes dangerous? You will ask yourself this question at the latest when you face a fox at close range. For whom a fox is dangerous, you will learn everything in our article. But we can reassure you already now, because if you follow some rules, the fox is definitely not dangerous for a human being. ...

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Black fox

A black fox in your garden? Then we can already congratulate you, mainly if you live in Central Europe. If you see a black fox in Germany, then it is certainly an animal that has escaped. What you have seen suggests a silver fox or a cabbage fox. Where exactly the ...

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Fox in garden

If you discover a fox in your garden for the first time, you will wonder what to do. In no case you should ignore your visit and you should not try to chase away the fox alone. In our article about foxes in the garden, you will learn how it is possible to chase away a fox ...

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