Dürfen Hamster Erdnüsse essen?

Are hamsters allowed to eat peanuts?

When keeping hamsters, owners often ask what they are allowed to eat and in what quantities. We can answer the question of whether hamsters are allowed to eat peanuts quite clearly: Yes, your furry friend can eat them.

However, there are a few things you should bear in mind, as nuts should only be fed as a snack and never as a staple food. We'll tell you why this is the case and what you should look out for when feeding peanuts in the following text and hope you enjoy reading it.

Peanuts for hamsters - what do I need to bear in mind when feeding them?

Peanuts should always be fed to the hamster unsalted and unseasoned. It doesn't matter whether you give them with or without the shell. With the shell, your hamster is challenged to get the nut out itself, which has a positive mental effect. We will explain below which amount is right for which hamster species.

Please note: if your hamster already suffers from diabetes or obesity, you should refrain from feeding it peanuts and nuts of all kinds, as these are very high in fat and can further affect your hamster's weight.

The right amount of peanuts for your hamster

Large hamsters, such as golden hamsters, can be fed a peanut once a week. As smaller hamsters, and especially dwarf hamsters, are very susceptible to diabetes and obesity, you should only give them a peanut every two weeks.

The benefits of peanuts for your hamster

Peanuts contain many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in magnesium, vitamin E, thiamine, biotin, manganese, copper and important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making them a healthy snack for hamsters.

Chewing the shell also helps your hamster to grind down its teeth. These are constantly growing and therefore need to be shortened again and again.

The disadvantages of feeding peanuts to your hamster

As hamsters have no sense of portioned food intake, if they like something, they will eat as much of it as they can get access to. That's why you should always be careful how much of the tasty snacks you feed your hamster, otherwise they will quickly become overfed. Later on, this can lead to health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

Do hamsters like peanuts?

Hamsters are little gluttons and like many things. Nuts are one of their favorite snacks. Nevertheless, you need to be responsible when feeding them so that your hamster doesn't put on weight.

Can I use peanuts as an attractant?

If your hamster has already acquired a taste for peanuts, he will not be able to resist eating them from your hand at some point. However, this requires a lot of calm and patience, as hamsters are flight animals and therefore extremely skittish. So try to move as little as possible when trying to lure your hamster.

Place the appropriate portion for your hamster on your fingertip and hold your hand out flat towards the animal. Exercise patience, as it may well take a while for your hamster to approach you. Sooner or later, however, curiosity or appetite will be too great and your pet will, quite literally, eat out of your hand.

If this method has worked well a few times, you can also place the peanut in the palm of your hand next time, so that your hamster has to climb onto your hand to get the treat.

Can a hamster eat peanut butter?

Yes, hamsters can also eat peanut butter. Here, too, you should make sure you eat the right amount. A thin layer should suffice as a nutritious snack, as hamsters cannot digest peanut butter as easily as humans. Excessive consumption can quickly lead to diarrhea, breathing problems, itching, skin inflammation, stomach problems and other health problems.

Your hamster may also have an allergic reaction to the peanut butter. So keep a close eye on him when you give him a small portion to try. If he doesn't have any negative reactions, you can give him more of the tasty treat from now on.

When choosing the right peanut butter, make sure that it does not contain xylitol, and ideally no additives, and that it is creamy peanut butter. The crunchy variety poses a choking hazard for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat peanuts? - Conclusion

To summarize, we can say: Yes, your hamster can eat peanuts. These are a healthy snack for your pet when divided into portion-sized pieces. But, as with all foods containing fat and calories, the same applies here: in moderation, not in bulk. This principle also applies when feeding peanut butter. Otherwise, eating it can lead to serious health problems and have a major impact on your hamster's quality of life.


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