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When do squirrels have young?

Between March and August squirrels have young. Twice a year squirrels have young. The mother squirrel lovingly cares for her offspring for the next 4 months. Otherwise, squirrels are end solitary in the animal world, joining with others only in the mating season. What happens if one of the young falls out of the nest?

How many squirrel young are born?

Per litter come between 2 and 6 Squirrel boy high up in the treetops to the world. The gestation period is 40 days on average. Especially in the first days, the little rodents have no resemblance to a squirrel. They weigh between 10 and 15 g, yet they are completely naked and helpless.

Where are the young born?

Squirrels bring their young in a hutch high up in the trees. You can help the squirrels by placing a hutch in your garden. However, make sure that it is fixed as high as possible and that enemies have difficulty reaching it.

The development of squirrel cubs

Only after about 3 weeks, the fluff begins to grow in the squirrel boys. About 1 week later, they open their eyes and the first teeth begin to erupt. About 6 weeks after birth, the little rodents begin to take their first steps outside the gully with their mother. Now the further development proceeds rapidly.

When the babies are between 8 and 10 weeks old, the mother stops suckling. The little squirrels have to go in search of food themselves. This is usually berries, seeds, mushrooms and the like, because they can not yet crack the hard nuts.

In the first weeks you will see the young animals only together with their mother on tour. They hop curiously from branch to branch and learn to use their tail. This enables them to keep their balance.

What to do when a squirrel young falls out of the nest?

Not infrequently, the little ones fall out of the nest. With loud whistles they try to alert their mother. If she does not perceive the sounds, then you must rush to the aid of the little ones as soon as possible.

The first thing you need to do is to warm the kitten with your hands. If the animal is injured, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. If it has no injuries, then put it down again at the place where it was found and observe it. With luck, the mother animal will come, not bothered by the human smell.  

If the little one is still alone after a certain time, then you have to take care. Check whether more young have fallen out of the nest.

If the little squirrel looks hungry, you should still not give him food immediately. His circulation must first get used to food again so that he does not get cramps. Much more important than food is hydration.

Give the animal lukewarm water with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of glucose. It is best to use a disposable syringe to instill the water. Only when the animal has regained its strength, you can give it rearing milk from the pharmacy. The squirrel will lie on its stomach. Give it the liquid very carefully so that it does not swallow.


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