Squirrel rabies

Squirrel rabies

In individual cases, rabies has been detected in squirrels. This also applies to all other rodents such as mice, rats, hares, marmots and beavers. However, it has also been proven by the WHO that there has not yet been a human case of rabies caused by such a rodent.

Can the squirrel transmit rabies?

For a squirrel to transmit rabies, it must be a carrier of the pathogen. Here we can reassure you. The fear that rabies can be transmitted by a squirrel is unfounded. Already since 2008 Germany is free of the classical rabies, which is transmitted by domestic and wild animals. Unfortunately, there are still many ignorant people who claim that squirrels climbing up a human automatically transmit rabies. If a squirrel climbs up a human, it is in dire need and is looking for protection.

Carnivores are the main carriers of rabies

In nature, it is the carnivorous animals such as fox, badger, marten and the like that can transmit rabies. A larger animal such as a deer can also be a carrier of rabies if it has been bitten by a diseased animal. In domestic animals, the primary carriers of rabies are unvaccinated cats and dogs.

Since squirrels are not carnivores, they cannot become infected when they see an infected prey animal. After all, they do not eat it.

Furthermore, due to its small body size, the squirrel is one of those animals that will certainly not survive a bite from an infected animal. This is another reason why a squirrel cannot transmit rabies. 

To date, there is no known case of a squirrel contracting rabies in Germany.

What to do when squirrel seeks help?

If a squirrel tries to climb up you, this is always to be understood as a call for help. You should immediately pick up the animal and take care of it.

  • Pick up the animal - usually young - with your hand or a towel.
  • Observe if the mother tries to retrieve the young.
  • Search for possible siblings in the immediate area.
  • Warm the kitten with your hands, a hot water bottle or a grain pillow.
  • Once the kitten is warmed up, you can carefully give it boiled water or fennel tea.
  • Observe the animal closely.
  • Try the urine stimulation. To do this, turn it on its back and run over the genitals several times without pressure.
  • Provide safe and quiet housing for the animal.
  • Contact a veterinarian or squirrel help.
  • If you can't reach anyone, contact emergency squirrel teams.


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