Squirrel bird eggs

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Do squirrels eat bird eggs?

It is repeatedly claimed by some bird conservationists that squirrels eat bird eggs. This cannot be said so sweepingly. Squirrels are actually not carnivores and feed primarily on nuts, seeds and berries. Only very rarely do they eat a bird's egg or a young animal.

Food of squirrels bird eggs?

The question of whether Squirrels eat bird eggs, can be denied without further ado. The rodents' menu includes nuts and seeds, as well as berries, cones, mushrooms, buds and bark. Depending on the season, the squirrels' feeding habits change. Even though squirrels are not vegetarians, young birds and bird eggs are not necessarily on their menu. They prefer to consume mollusks such as worms and snails, insects and larvae. If they find bones of birds or even eggshells, they will certainly eat them.

Squirrels and birds - peaceful coexistence

Most of the year, smaller birds and squirrels peacefully coexist in the garden. This can change during the bird breeding season. Occasionally eat squirrels there also bird eggs or smaller young birds. However, squirrels are not a real threat to our bird population. Very often it happens that you can observe squirrels and birds together in and around the feeder.

Squirrel bird eggs - What happens when food is scarce?

Especially in cities, squirrels do not find enough food at certain times. They can't build up real winter depots. You can help the animals by hanging up a feeder and filling it regularly with nuts, seeds, berries and the like. Bird eggs will then not be an interesting alternative for the squirrel.

In addition, feeding the squirrels ensures that you can observe a wonderful spectacle of nature. If you regularly put food in the feeder, squirrels will quickly become trusting and, with a little luck, come to eat on your hand.

What can you feed squirrels?

Apart from almonds and peanuts, you can feed squirrels almost anything. Almonds and peanuts are not part of the natural food supply, so you should avoid them. In addition, almonds often contain prussic acid and peanuts are infested with mold.

Certainly, many squirrel food mixtures contain peanuts in large quantities. However, you should not buy this food, because it does not really get the squirrels according to NABU.

You can make up food for the squirrel yourself. This includes:

  • Hazelnuts - with and without shell
  • Walnuts - with and without shell
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Raisins
  • Apple pieces
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Corn
  • Unsweetened rusk

When feeding the squirrels, don't forget that they also need water. If you do not have a garden pond, then put a bowl with water for the animals. This is very important, especially in the summer.

How much food does a squirrel need?

Depending on the size and season, the need for food for squirrels varies greatly. In summer, the animals eat quite up to 80 g per day. In winter, on the other hand, 35 g is usually enough for them.

Squirrels dangerous for birds?

The answer here can be answered quite clearly with a NO. The squirrels are not a threat to our songbirds. Most of the time, the animals get along well with each other. Incidentally, squirrels do not depend on the animal protein of birds and bird eggs.

Squirrels bird eggs to eat winter fat?

For sure, they are neither birds' eggs nor birds. For winter fat squirrels eat mushrooms, worms, beetles and also snails. For the winter deposit berries, nuts and seeds are collected. 


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