Do hedgehogs eat rat poison or slug pellets?

Fressen Igel Rattengift oder Schneckenkörner

Do hedgehogs eat rat poison or slug pellets?

If you are wondering if hedgehogs eat rat poison or slug pellets, the answer is YES. If the small mammals are in search of food, then they do not necessarily stop at rat poison or slug pellets as well as weed killers. Hedgehogs eat everything they find, when they are hungry.

Why give up rat poison or slug pellets?

Not only that Hedgehogs eat thiswhen they are looking for food, they also lose their food base. If hedgehogs eat rat poison or slug pellets, they usually get sick and may die. You should therefore avoid this type of chemical in your garden. Especially if the hedgehog finds little food in his territory, he will eat both rat poison and slug pellets out of hunger, because he cannot distinguish what is good or bad for him.

The night foraging in the garden

The nocturnal animal is mostly active at night to satisfy its hunger. The diet is very varied and ranges from insects and earthworms to snails and mice or rats. Even if the hedgehog does not directly ingest the rat poison or the slug pellets, if the prey animal has eaten this, it enters the hedgehog's organism via detours.

In his search for food, the hedgehog eats plenty of snails, which you no longer have to laboriously pick up by hand. For this reason, you can safely do without slug pellets and other poisons. You will do more harm to the hedgehog than to the slugs.

The hedgehog needs a poison-free garden so that he can eat and reproduce without worrying. If the snail plague in your garden is too big or you have to fight rats, then use alternatives to poison. You not only protect the environment, but also save the hedgehog's life.

What about special slug pellets?

In the meantime, slug pellets with a hedgehog and dog denaturant additive and the active ingredient metaldehyde are also sold in the trade. Is this better for the hedgehogs and does it not pose a threat to them? You should not use these slug pellets either. According to various studies, the metaldehyde is not quite as toxic to hedgehogs, but it is still toxic and endangers other animals. Since a few years there are slug pellets with the active ingredient iron phosphate. This active ingredient is harmless to all mammals. These products are sold under the name Adalan slug pellets or Ferramol slug pellets. You should keep your hands off this one, too. Although it is a biological poison, it is ultimately a poison that kills.


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