Dürfen Hamster Haferflocken essen?

Are hamsters allowed to eat oatmeal?

If you think of oatmeal, you often first associate it with breakfast and wouldn't necessarily consider it as a food option for your hamster. Yet many of the food mixes you can buy at pet supply stores contain oatmeal, among other things.

Therefore, yes, hamsters can also eat oatmeal. What you should pay attention to when feeding, we tell you in detail in the following text and hope you enjoy reading.

What must be considered when feeding?

Oatmeal is well tolerated by your hamster. However, you should make sure that you bring variety into the diet. The small rodents are dependent on the supply of animal protein. This should therefore never come too short.

When buying oatmeal, make sure that it does not contain sugar, preservatives or salt. The right oatmeal for your hamster is natural. In addition, you should pay attention to the appropriate amount when feeding. How this looks like, you will learn in the next section.

The right amount for your hamster

Larger species of hamsters, such as golden hamsters, can tolerate a larger portion of oatmeal than smaller breeds. Once or twice a week, an unheaped tablespoonful, you can tolerate well.

Small hamsters, such as the dwarf hamster, should only be given a portion, the size of a fingernail, no more than three times a week.

The advantages of feeding oatmeal to your hamster

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which helps your hamster's digestion. They also have a high content of phosphorus and pantothenic acid, which is known as vitamin B5. Both, in moderate amounts, are good nutrients for your rodent's health.

The disadvantages of feeding oatmeal to your hamster

However, in excessive amounts, the B vitamins can cause health problems such as stomach upset and diarrhea. The latter, especially when acute, is very dangerous for the hamster, as it can quickly lead to dehydration. Likewise, the high carbohydrate content should not be underestimated. Therefore, pay close attention to the feeding recommendations.

Are hamsters allowed to eat porridge?

Yes, your hamster can eat porridge. What may seem absurd at first, but just the preparation with milk is useful for the rodent. As mentioned earlier in the text, hamsters need animal proteins for a balanced and healthy diet. Oatmeal with milk is therefore a good alternative to worms and insects, which otherwise provide these proteins.

Please note that you should only use low-fat and lactose-free milk, as adult hamsters are lactose intolerant. Water or vegetable alternatives are also an option, but of course they do not provide animal proteins.

When preparing, it's best to mix a spoonful of oatmeal and your chosen liquid in a bowl and let it sit for a bit to allow the oatmeal to soak and swell.

Just when your pet is weak and needs a boost, a porridge of oatmeal can help him back on his feet.

What else can I prepare with the oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a perfect base to make healthy treats for your hamster. Mix some flour and water with the flakes and add herbs or vegetables.

Make sure you only use vegetables and herbs that are also suitable for your hamster!

Then you form small balls from the mass, crush them on a baking tray lined with baking paper and put it in the oven. You have baked healthy cookies for your hamster.

The advantage of homemade treats over industrially produced ones is that you know exactly what's in them. In many snacks that you can buy in stores, additives or sugar are hidden, which in large quantities could endanger the health of your hamster.

Too much sugar can quickly lead to diabetes and obesity, which can greatly shorten your hamster's life.

Are hamsters allowed to eat oatmeal? - Conclusion

In summary, we can say that oatmeal is a healthy source of nutrients for your hamster when fed in moderate portions. In excessive amounts, there is a risk of diarrhea and stomach problems, so you must always check to see if oatmeal is already added to the dry mix you are feeding. If so, you should feed them much less as a snack so as not to jeopardize your hamster's health.


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