Dürfen Hamster Kartoffeln essen?

Are hamsters allowed to eat potatoes?

In Germany, potatoes are considered a staple food and are served in many dishes as a side dish to meat or fish. If you have a hamster at home, you have probably often asked yourself whether these little rodents are allowed to eat potatoes. The answer is: Yes, hamsters can eat potatoes. What you should consider, you will learn in the following text. We hope you enjoy reading it.

What must be considered when feeding?

When feeding potatoes to your hamster, it is important to remember that they should only be fed cooked. The reason for this is the solanine contained, which is toxic in the raw state of the potatoes. If you cook the potatoes, this goes over into the water and is, with this water, poured away. Sprouting potatoes should be disposed of in any case.

Also, make sure your hamster doesn't bunker the potatoes, as they will quickly become moldy and go bad.

It should go without saying, but we would still like to point out that no additional oil, salt or other spices should be added to the potatoes. You are welcome to feed your hamster the potato with other vegetables suitable for him, such as cucumbers, carrots or broccoli.

The right amount for your hamster

In the right quantity, potatoes are quite healthy for hamsters. Therefore, as a guideline, a small piece of a cooked potato can be fed once a week.

The advantages of feeding potatoes to your hamster

Potatoes contain many important nutrients that can have a positive effect on the health of your hamster. For example, vitamins A and C, which contribute to healthy growth and a strong immune system. In addition, the A vitamin has another important purpose. It reduces the risk of cancer in hamsters, to which the small animals are unfortunately often very susceptible.

In addition, potatoes contain a large amount of protein, which is an important part of the diet. In fact, in the wild, rodents feed largely on insect larvae and worms. So they are not vegetarians, as some people may believe.

The disadvantages of feeding potatoes to your hamster

However, too much consumption of potatoes can also lead to health problems. The calcium contained in them, in excessive intake, is responsible for urinary problems and kidney stones.

Also, the alkaloid content, which is relatively high in potatoes, should not be underestimated, as they can be toxic, if consumed in large quantities.

In addition, potatoes, which belong to the nightshade family, have a not insignificant amount of sugar and especially starch. Therefore, feed only small amounts to avoid the risk of diabetes, obesity and problems with the stomach and intestines.

Are hamsters allowed to eat French fries?

No, hamsters are not allowed to eat French fries. As mentioned above, you should not add any additional oil to the potatoes. Since fries are prepared in oil, feeding them for this reason should be avoided.

The same also applies to potato chips. Since these are usually not only prepared in oil, but also strongly flavored, it can lead to health problems, such as diarrhea. Therefore, the same applies here: please do not feed.

Are hamsters allowed to eat potato peels?

No, hamsters must not eat raw potato peelings. The skin of a potato contains even more solanine than the potato itself and is therefore not suitable for consumption by hamsters and is even poisonous.

Are hamsters allowed to eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, hamsters can also eat sweet potatoes. You should also cook them beforehand. Please note that sweet potatoes contain a lot of sugar and should therefore only be fed in small quantities.

Are hamsters allowed to eat potatoes? - Conclusion

Potatoes are a relatively healthy food for hamsters. They contain many important nutrients that are beneficial for the health of the rodent. Despite the healthy properties, care should be taken to feed a moderate amount so as not to harm your hamster and make him sick in the worst case. Also, you should never feed potatoes raw, as they are toxic in this state!


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