Hedgehog mating

How does the hedgehog mating?

At first, you may think that injuries can occur during hedgehog mating. However, this is by no means the case. In the following we would like to show you what is to be considered around the hedgehog mating.

When is the time of hedgehog mating?

Depending on the climate and weather conditions, hedgehog mating takes place in Germany between the months of May and the end of August. In the mating ceremony is also called hedgehog carousel. This is because the hedgehog circles around the female for hours. At the beginning, the female boxes the male suitor away, setting up her forehead spines. Only when she gives in, the mating can proceed as in all other mammals.

The male mounts the female from behind. In doing so, she lays her spines flat against her body so that the male cannot injure himself. After the union, the two hedgehogs separate and go their separate ways. So there is no so-called hedgehog marriage. The male is rather looking for a new female. Thus, the male is also eliminated as a competitor for food with the female.

What sounds do hedgehogs make when mating?

The Sounds at the hedgehog Mating are described as loud. In many cases, experts report loud hissing, growling, snorting and whistling.

What does birth and rearing look like in hedgehogs?

After an average gestation period of 35 days, the female hedgehog gives birth to four to five young. These are both blond and deaf and weigh about 15 to 20 grams. At birth, the young already have about 100 soft and white spines. These are embedded in the swollen skin of the back. The young are suckled by the mother for 6 weeks. The males have nothing to do with raising the young. After 3 to 4 weeks leave the little hedgehogs the nest for the first time. They undertake their first excursions. During this time, they also begin to eat their first solid food.


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