Hedgehogs hibernate

How to help the hedgehog hibernate?

If you find a little prickly fellow in your garden in the fall, the first question that comes to mind is how to help the hedgehog hibernate. You can help the little mammal very well in its preparations for hibernation by following a few things.

How to help the hedgehog to hibernate

It is very important that you design your garden close to nature. This means that you simply leave dense bushes, brushwood or dead wood in a corner. Even with a compost heap or a dry cavity under a pile of wood you help the hedgehog to hibernate. Garden sheds or niches under stairs are also popular with the small mammals. With brushwood, leaves and undergrowth, the little guy can insulate his nest and wrap himself in it even in winter. The larger the run pile, the better the thermal insulation for the hedgehog.

The correct feeding in autumn

Depending on the weather, the food supply for the hedgehog decreases significantly in autumn. You can help him with his own feeding station. Serve him wet cat food, unseasoned scrambled eggs, or fried and unseasoned minced meat. The hedgehog will also accept cooked poultry meat. Under no circumstances should you offer him leftovers, fruit or milk. Dry hedgehog food is also only suitable to a limited extent. When buying dry hedgehog food you should make sure that it contains very little grain, nuts and fruit.

To drink you may give the Hedgehog no milk offer, because this contains lactose. Milk sugar is indigestible for the hedgehog and he would get diarrhea from it. In the worst case, he loses so much fluid through the diarrhea that he dries out and dies as a result.

If it has started to freeze or even snow, you must stop feeding immediately. Lack of food causes the hedgehog to hibernate. If you continue to feed him, you will prevent hibernation and keep the hedgehog artificially awake.

When should you bring the hedgehog indoors in winter?

Only in exceptional cases, the hedgehog may spend the winter in the house. This is the case if the hedgehog seems undernourished or if he is ill or injured. You can recognize an underweight hedgehog by the indentation behind his head. Experts refer to this as the starvation line. A sick hedgehog, on the other hand, is apathetic and will not curl up when touched. The eyes look sunken and are slit-like.

You can help an underweight hedgehog with food and shelter. A sick or injured animal must be taken into the care of a vet or a hedgehog rescue center.


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