Pet hedgehog

Is it smart to pet a hedgehog?

If you have found a hedgehog, you are probably wondering whether it is smart to pet one. The small mammals look very cute, but you should never touch these animals. The situation is different with a helpless animal.

It is not smart to pet a hedgehog

Sometimes hedgehogs seem helplessly wandering. You in most cases, the animals are not in distress, so it is not smart to pet the hedgehog. The mammal is in search of food, because it needs to eat enough winter fat for its hibernation. Only if the animal is injured or makes a sick impression should you seek help immediately from a vet or in a hedgehog sanctuary.

How you can help the hedgehog

Support him in his search for food by setting up a feeding station or offering him a drinking trough with fresh water. Even an underweight hedgehog should not be taken into your care out of a misconceived love of animals. If the little guy has got used to his feeding place in your garden, he will regularly appear there in the evening. Suitable food for the hedgehog is wet cat food, unseasoned scrambled eggs or fried and unseasoned minced meat.

Under no circumstances should you give the hedgehog leftovers or fruit. Milk is also absolutely taboo for the hedgehog. So that the hedgehog does not become additionally ill, you should remove food remains every day and clean the bowls thoroughly.

This is how your garden should look

To ensure that the hedgehog feels at home with you all year round, you should make sure that your garden is designed in a natural way. It is sufficient if you let a corner become overgrown. There the Hedgehog spiders, insects and also worms.

Danger when petting hedgehogs?

You should avoid contact with the popular garden animal in any case. Because of the spines, you should always wear gloves when you touch the prickly fellow. Furthermore, the gloves protect you from transmissible diseases and Hedgehog parasites. Even the Feces of a hedgehog you should remove only with gloves.


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