Rabbits and other pets

Kaninchen und andere Haustiere

Rabbits and other pets: Who goes well together?

Welcome to the wonderful world of pets! There's no boredom here, just plenty of love, care and, of course, the occasional pinch of chaos. In this article, we'll focus on the fascinating rabbits, our fluffy little friends with wiggly noses. But don't worry, we're not excluding other pets. We're taking a close look at what other Animals well with rabbits fit together and why.

The personality of rabbits

Before we look at which animals are a good match for rabbits, we should first look at what kind of animals rabbits actually are. Are they social creatures or loners? Are they active or rather quiet?

Rabbits are primarily one thing: social. In nature, they live in groups because that provides security and companionship. They are also very active, especially in the mornings and evenings when they hop around and play with their conspecifics. This means that they have no problem living with other animals as long as they respect and understand their needs.

Rabbits and dogs: friends or enemies?

Now it gets interesting. What about the relationship between rabbits and dogs? Both animals are popular pets and both have their merits. But do they fit together?

The answer is not very simple. It depends on many factors, such as the breed of the dog, its age, temperament and upbringing. Some dogs have a strong hunting instinct that can be dangerous to rabbits. Other dogs are more calm and gentle and can build a friendship with a rabbit.

It is important that you teach your dog that the rabbit is a member of the family and not a toy. It can be helpful to bring the dog and rabbit together under controlled conditions and with enough distance. This will allow them to get used to each other without causing conflict.

The harmonious coexistence of rabbits and cats

What about cats and rabbits? Is there a chance of peaceful coexistence?

As with dogs, it depends on various factors with cats. Some cats see rabbits as potential prey, while others are more curious and friendly. Especially in households where cats and rabbits live together from an early age, strong bonds can develop.

Nevertheless, interactions should always be done under supervision, mainly at the beginning. It is important that both animals have places to retreat to avoid stress. It can also be helpful to feed cats and rabbits separately to avoid conflicts.

Rabbits and guinea pigs: A possible combo?

Guinea pigs and rabbits. Both are small, furry animals that often sit on the same shelves in the pet store. But does that also mean they go well together?

In the past, it was common to keep rabbits and guinea pigs together. However, these views have changed in recent years. Although they are similar in appearance and both are herbivores, rabbits and guinea pigs have different communication styles and social structures. Rabbits, without meaning to, can injure guinea pigs with their powerful hind legs. In addition, certain bacteria that rabbits tolerate can be harmful to guinea pigs.

It is therefore advisable to keep the two species separate, although they may occasionally meet under supervision.

Birds and rabbits: A flying adventure

Now we look at an unusual combination: Rabbits and birds. Do they go together?

It depends. Smaller birds, such as budgies or canaries, might be intimidated by the rabbits' active behavior. Also, the birds may get on the rabbits' nerves with their screaming. This means there could be conflicts if they live together in one room.

Larger birds, such as parrots, might do better with rabbits as they are less fearful. However, it is always important to keep them under supervision and make sure they have enough space to retreat.

Rabbits and reptiles: an unusual combination

Finally, we deal with the relationship between rabbits and reptiles. Although at first glance they do not have much in common, in certain cases it may be possible for them to live together peacefully.

Reptiles, such as turtles or lizards, are usually not interested in chasing rabbits, and rabbits are not afraid of reptiles. However, it is important to note that reptiles and rabbits have different needs in terms of their environment and food. So they should not be kept in the same enclosure.

Also, reptiles should always be kept in a terrarium to protect them from possible injury from the rabbits. Because although rabbits are peaceful, sometimes they can be impetuous and this could be dangerous for smaller or slower reptiles.

Kaninchen und Katze

Rabbit and fish: a quiet combination

Another combination we should consider is that of rabbits and fish. This combination may seem unusual at first, but it can work. Since fish are kept in aquariums, there is no direct interaction between them and rabbits.

Fish can create a calming atmosphere in your home that can also be beneficial for rabbits. The sight of swimming fish can be calming for both humans and rabbits. Keep in mind, however, that the aquarium should be placed in a safe location where rabbits cannot reach it or knock it over.

Rabbits and rodents: small companions

Some people might wonder how rabbits get along with other rodents like hamsters, rats or mice. Although they are all small and fluffy, rabbits are not rodents, but belong to the rabbit family.

Rabbits, if not careful, can injure smaller rodents by their strength, even if they just want to play. In addition, rodents, especially rats, can transmit diseases to rabbits, which poses a health risk. Therefore, it is generally best to keep rodents and rabbits separate, even if they appear peaceful.

Rabbits and ferrets: A risky combination

Another animal you might consider is the ferret. Ferrets are known for their playful and curious nature, but they are also predators with a natural instinct to hunt smaller animals.

Therefore, the coexistence of rabbits and ferrets can be very risky. Even if a ferret is well educated and trained in dealing with other animals, there is always a risk that it will act out its natural instincts. It is therefore better to keep rabbits and ferrets separate to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Rabbits and farm animals: an extraordinary partnership

There are also some less common pet combinations to consider. For example, how about rabbits and farm animals like chickens, ducks, or even sheep and goats?

As long as there is enough space, these animals can live together surprisingly well. Farm animals are usually calm and quiet and therefore do not pose a threat to rabbits. Rabbits can even benefit from the warmth and companionship of these animals, especially during the colder months.

But as always, supervision and caution are crucial. Each animal has its own personality and needs and it is important to respect and consider them. This is the only way to ensure harmonious cooperation.

Rabbits and other rabbits: The perfect partner

Although we have looked at a number of other pets so far, it is important to remember that the best social animal for a rabbit is often another rabbit. As mentioned earlier, rabbits are very social animals and live in groups in nature. They understand the behaviors and needs of their conspecifics and therefore can form a strong bond.

If you plan to keep more than one rabbit, it is best to choose two rabbits of the same sex or a neutered male and female. They should get to know each other in a neutral area to avoid territorial fights. Although there may be minor altercations at first, the rabbits usually become fast friends and enjoy each other's company.

Conclusion: rabbits and other pets

Although there are many possible pet combinations with rabbits, the best choice depends heavily on the specific animals and their environment. It is important to consider the personality, behavior and needs of each animal. Some pets may never be good partners for rabbits, while others can live together harmoniously under the right conditions.

It is important that you inform yourself in detail before acquiring another pet and consider the specific needs and behaviors of the respective animal. This way you can ensure that all your pets live a happy and healthy life. No matter which pets you choose, one thing is certain: with patience, care and love, pets can be a wonderful addition to your life!


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