What does a hedgehog nest look like?

What does a hedgehog nest look like?

In your garden you have often come across animal nests. So that you do not ignorantly destroy the nest of a hedgehog, you want to know - what does a hedgehog's nest look like?

Is the hedgehog nest still in use?

You are unsure what a hedgehog's nest looks like and therefore cannot judge whether it is still being used. For this you must know that there are hedgehogs that use your nest year after year again and again. So it would be fatal if you destroyed it.

Hedgehog nests must not be destroyed

Since the hedgehog belongs to the specially protected animal species according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Federal Species Protection Ordinance, you must not destroy its nest. Furthermore, you may not hunt or catch hedgehogs or injure or kill them.

Of course, this also applies to the hedgehog's nest, which serves not only for the hedgehogs' rest, but also for reproduction. Many female hedgehogs use the nest after hibernation to raise their young. So if you find a hedgehog nest in your garden, you should generously stop all work around it.

If you have accidentally destroyed a hedgehog's nest, then it is unusable for the animal. The hedgehog will start looking for a new nest. Alternatively you can offer him a run or a bought hedgehog house. If you accidentally destroy the hedgehog's nest just before hibernation, this is not without danger for the hedgehog. This is especially true for old and weak animals. If a mother and her young lived in the nest, the hedgehog is usually unable to build a new nest and provide enough food at the same time. This costs a lot of energy and in the worst case the hedgehogs die.

You should therefore exercise caution during all gardening work. If possible, do not use electric gardening tools. With a manual tool, you can stop faster and thus save the from destruction.

How to help the hedgehog build a hedgehog nest

  • Always leave some leaves in the garden. Hedgehogs collect foliage within a few meters of their nest to cushion the interior.
  • Alternatively, offer the hedgehog a hedgehog house made of wood or wood concrete.
  • Place the purchased hedgehog house only on a dry surface.
  • If possible, cover a natural hedgehog nest or a purchased hedgehog house with a little brushwood.


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