Do hedgehogs have a tail?

Do hedgehogs have a tail?

In your garden you have discovered hedgehogs. One of the questions you ask yourself is whether hedgehogs have a tail. For this you need to know a little more about hedgehogs.

The appearance of a hedgehog

Whether hedgehogs have a tail quickly becomes clear when you realize what the little fellow looks like. The hedgehog's spiny coat covers the entire back. It reaches from the base of the forehead to the tail. Thus, the question, do hedgehogs have a tail is clearly answered.

Probably the statement is not enough for you. The spines of the hedgehog reach at the sides up to their belly fur. With the Spines the hedgehog can protect itself from enemies, which unfortunately include humans. In case of danger, the hedgehog rolls up in a flash to form a spiked ball that cannot be penetrated by anything.

The hedgehog's head is decorated with two small black eyes and ears, which are covered with fur all over. The front legs of the hedgehog are shorter than the hind legs. The paws are equipped with claws. The tail of the hedgehog has an average length of 2 to 4.5 cm. Mostly, however, it is only a short stub tail.

From snout to tail, the hedgehog usually measures between 22 and 30 cm. As an adult and healthy animal, the hedgehog can weigh about 1.5 kg.

The length of the tail depends on the species

Depending on the hedgehog species, the animal's tail turns out to be of different sizes. The large rat hedgehog not only weighs about 2 kg, but also has the longest tail. The small spiny hedgehogs, on the other hand, usually have only a short stub, which is called a tail. 

Normally you will hardly see the tail of the hedgehog. Either it is too short or the hedgehog has curled up. The curling up also often happens with people who approach the animal carelessly. By curling up the hedgehog protects itself from approaching danger.


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